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Rock Wins Over Scissors, Does Weather Win Over Consumers?

Weather has a huge impact on every part of farming and growing. From what time the seed can go into the ground, how long it takes to grow, all the way to what consumers see on the shelves.

With weather constantly changing and not always being predictable, this week on Seed Speaks we will be discussing how the weather impacts what we as consumers see on grocery store shelves.

The La Niña weather pattern has been impacting growers for the last three to four years. As we transition into a new weather pattern, we’re going to learn how it will impact growers. All weather has economic impacts, good and bad.

On May 24 at 12:00 CST, Seed Speaks will host three panelists to discuss more of how weather impacts what we see at the grocery store. Joining us are:

Neil Townsend, chief market analyst, FarmLink. Townsend has over 20 years of experience in market analysis and advice, he leads FarmLink’s analytical team using his expert knowledge of agricultural commodity trends, market savvy, and his own brand of sardonic wit. Through dedicated research, Neil and his team devise market forecasts that include trends, supply and demand, and price opportunities, resulting in timely and informed sales recommendations.

Alison Grantham, PhD, scientist and business executive, Grow Well. Grantham is a scientist and business executive who founded and runs Grow Well. She brings a rigorous yet practical approach to her work with leading nonprofits, private sector businesses, and foundations to build a more just, regenerative, and resilient food future. Prior to launching Grow Well, she led Food Systems R&D and then Food Procurement at Blue Apron, an $800 million revenue meal kit company. She also led Penn State Extension’s beginning farmer training program and directed research at the Rodale Institute. Alison currently serves on the Rodale Institute’s board of directors and the National Academy of Sciences’ Committee to advise the US Global Change Research Program, the body that oversees climate and other global change research across the 14 federal agencies. Alison lives in New Jersey where she and her husband raise 2 kids, 2 dogs, an ever-expanding garden, and way too many mushrooms.

Shawn Hackett, president of Hackett Financial Advisors Inc. Hackett is a weather trends/outlook & commodities expert educates Ag industry leaders and farmers about long term cycles and statistics regarding climate, currencies, geopolitics, and global capital flows with an emphasis on their impacts to Ag production and prices.