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Profile Industries Rotary Sorter: Increasing Grain Quality at Sementes Butiá

The agricultural industry is marked by the continuous demand for innovations and technologies that improve the quality of the products offered to farmers and companies in the sector. In this exclusive interview, businessman Pedro Gilberto Bertagnolli — Beto, as he is better known — from the renowned Sementes Butiá, shares his experience in acquiring Profile Industries’ Rotary Sorter for seed processing and how the machine has been important in raising the quality of his production.

Investment in Technology and Quality

Sementes Butiá has made a name for itself in the market for its dedication to research and development of high-quality seed varieties. Beto highlights the importance of constantly studying the market, seeking expansion, modernization and improvement of production processes. It was during this search for innovative technologies that he came across Profile Industries’ Rotary Sorter.

Beto emphasizes that the equipment has become a fundamental part of the infrastructure of Sementes Butiá, since it provides a precise and fine adjustment in the details of seed processing, allowing a significant increase of the product’s final quality.

Profile Industries’ Rotary Sorters makes fine adjustments, removing bad material typically to 99%.

With the capacity to handle 46 different soybean samples, for example, the machine offers efficient cleaning and sorting, ensuring that each seed meets the high standards set at a Seed Conditioning Industry.

Ease of Operation and Flexibility

In addition to the quality of processing, the Rotary Sorter stands out for being easy to operate, for its flexible adjustments and for ensuring an efficient processing.

The entrepreneur praises the ability to adjust the equipment to meet the specific needs of Sementes Butiá.

“With the Rotary Sorter, we have the ability to adjust to one side or the other, being able to cover all the gaps, since it is extremely compact and takes up little space inside Butiá’s Seed Conditioning Industry. It is very easy to work with.”

Confident Choice

Pedro Gilberto Bertagnolli explains that the decision to purchase Profile Industries’ Rotary Sorter was carefully studied. With access to information through the internet, he researched different machines, their configurations and capacities before choosing the Rotary Sorter. The follow-up of this purchase was done over time, getting to know the company and checking its operation in the field, consolidating his confidence in the quality of the equipment.

Sementes Butiá is an inspiring example of the relentless pursuit of quality and innovation in the agricultural sector. The acquisition of Profile Industries’ Rotary Sorter demonstrates the company’s commitment to using advanced technologies to improve its seed conditioning processes. With this highly efficient and easy-to-operate machine, Sementes Butiá is considerably improving the quality of its seeds, providing farmers with a reliable and high-performance solution to boost the success of their crops.

Finally, the entrepreneur highlights: “For me, it is the best machine within our seed conditioning plant”.