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DPH Biologicals Announces Management-Led Buyout

The company, which will continue to operate under the DPH Biologicals brand, says it is set for expansion after ownership transition.

DPH Biologicals has announced a management-led buyout in collaboration with a private investment group, according to a news release from the company. 

“DPH Biologicals has achieved remarkable growth over the past few years, thanks to our proven scientific expertise, robust field data, strong industry relationships, and our unwavering commitment to biological solutions. As the biologicals market continues to expand, we anticipate increased demand from farmers and producers worldwide for products that seamlessly integrate with existing practices and offer numerous benefits beyond improved yields,” said DPH Biologicals president Mick Messman in the release. 

The management team at DPH Biologicals has decades of experience in domestic and international agricultural sales, marketing, research, product development, supply chain management and business strategy. Members of the DPH Biologicals management team include Mick Messman, Alex Cochran, Chris Feiden, Trey Soud, Brad Holzworth, Roberto Werneck, Cliff Watrin and Latin America advisor Mario Tenerelli.

The company’s transition has been in planning stages for some time.

“Recognizing the need for a company dedicated to advancing and scaling biological technologies, we initiated the transformation of DPH Biologicals in mid-2021. When discussions about ownership arose last year, our existing management team believed that the time was right. We were fully prepared and committed to investing in the company ourselves,” Messman added.

DPH Biologicals says it expects to continue to globally expand its product line to customers worldwide, with plans for expansion into the Brazilian market.

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