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Corn in 2024: Resistance is Not Futile

New seed-applied technologies are ensuring your corn grower customers are protected from threats like Pythium, Fusarium, and Rhizoctonia species.

Corn is one of the most important crops in the United States, but it is also vulnerable to various diseases that can reduce yield and quality. In 2023, corn diseases caused an estimated loss of almost 3% of the total production, or 392 million bushels, across 28 corn-producing states and Ontario, Canada.

As we look ahead to the 2024 planting season, navigating the challenges and opportunities faced by corn growers requires a keen understanding of the issues affecting our industry. Corn, a linchpin of global agriculture, confronts a myriad of threats, from diseases and pests to environmental factors that can jeopardize both yield and quality.

Innovative solutions are not only beneficial but crucial for the continued success of our industry. Since I joined Corteva in 2015, I’ve witnessed the agricultural industry undergo significant transformations, especially concerning crop protection. One area where Corteva has been at the forefront is Pythium protection, particularly with the introduction of ethaboxam around that same time.

Now, with the advent of Lumiscend™ Pro fungicide seed treatment, our focus has shifted to next level disease control to additional pathogens such as rhizoctonia. By effectively countering damping-off, seedling blight, and seed and root rot caused by Pythium, Fusarium, and Rhizoctonia species, Lumiscend Pro stands as a pivotal component within the Corteva Agriscience fungicide seed treatment package. This comprehensive treatment offers multiple modes of action, strategically combating threats at the seed, soilborne and airborne levels.

The significance of Lumiscend Pro extends beyond its role as a fungicide. It acts as a vital tool, empowering growers to overcome regional challenges while capitalizing on emerging opportunities. With a specific focus on countering the threats posed by Rhizoctonia and Pythium species, Lumiscend Pro ensures penetration and translocation throughout the entire corn plant — seed, root system and aerial portions.

That’s key in a modern seed treatment tool. This holistic protection spans from the critical emergence phase through the infection period, providing a robust defense mechanism against potential setbacks.

Resistance is Not Futile

A key attribute of Lumiscend™ Pro fungicide seed treatment  is its proactive contribution to resistance management. Incorporating three effective modes of action, including ethaboxam, Lumiscend Pro addresses concerns related to resistance against metalaxyl and mefenoxam resistant Pythium species.

By strategically managing resistance, this fungicide seed treatment becomes an essential component in the sustainable toolkit of modern agriculture, where our weapons against these threats are getting stronger and more sophisticated.

To gauge the impact of Lumiscend Pro on plant health and performance, we monitor various indicators, including emergence, stand count, root development, plant vigor, disease incidence, severity and overall yield. Leveraging digital tools, such as satellite imagery and data analytics through platforms like Granular Insights, provides a comprehensive view of fields and crops.

This integrated approach facilitates informed decision-making and a nuanced understanding of Lumiscend Pro’s efficacy in real-world farming scenarios.

The significance of Lumiscend Pro in the field hit home to me last year, when I met with a customer who, after our discussion, conducted rip digs in late June. The comparison between corn treated with Lumiscend Pro and a competitor’s package revealed clear advantages. While lesions were prevalent in the competitive treatment, our product showcased clear and healthy roots, highlighting the effectiveness of Lumiscend Pro beneath the soil level.

The above photos are a lab assay with rhizoctonia inculcated soil cups illustrating the effectiveness of Lumiscend™ Pro fungicide seed treatment control. The brown sunken lesions on the root system are characteristic of rhizoctonia infection which may lead to stand and yield loss.

We’ve Got Your Customers Covered

Looking ahead, our future plans for Lumiscend™ Pro fungicide treatment are big ones: the goal is to expand its application to diverse crops and regions, exploring synergies with additional seed treatment products and technologies to amplify overall efficacy and benefits. Lumiscend Pro is just one example of our commitment to an innovation pipeline that addresses current agricultural challenges and anticipates the evolving needs of growers.

Of course, Corteva Agriscience’s leadership in agricultural innovation extends beyond Lumiscend Pro. Utilizing gene editing tools like CRISPR-Cas to enhance corn traits, developing digital solutions such as Granular® Insights™ for optimized decision-making, and introducing new technologies like the Enlist® weed control system and Utrisha® N nutrient efficiency optimizer, exemplify our commitment to holistic and integrated solutions.

These transformative tools hold the potential to elevate corn production and profitability while contributing significantly to global food security and sustainability.

As we collectively navigate the complex landscape of modern agriculture, your corn grower customers need new tools to help them ensure their success. Lumiscend Pro is just one of these coming down a pipeline that you’ll want to pay attention to as we move into the 2024 planting season and the challenges it will no doubt bring.

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