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Seed World U.S. celebrates the NEW Seed World

New website delivers what today’s seed industry needs

Seed World has a trusted global reputation within the seed industry, and a name that’s synonymous with seed information, seed leadership and seed people. Over the past few months, we’ve made some big steps forward that will allow us to serve the seed industry even better. This month, we made big changes to our online format, pulling all of our separate regional websites into a single global website with regional pages. It’s worth checking out as you’ll find diverse local, regional and international content. You’ll also be privy to thought leadership from across the industry. We hope you’ll find reasons to be inspired, build your network and so much more. This change stems from another important change. Back in October, we pulled all our publications under the Seed World banner, growing the Seed World name and expanding our ability to deliver what today’s seed industry needs.

The U.S. is not only the biggest global market for seeds but also the largest seed exporter worldwide. Did you know that in 2020, our seed exports exceeded a whopping $1.6 billion? As of 2022, our seed market was valued at $17.95 billion, with projections suggesting we’ll grow more than 3.5% to reach more than $22.17 billion by 2028.

The U.S. seed sector is a powerhouse of innovation, driving agricultural advancements and solidifying the United States as a global leader in agriculture. At Seed World U.S. we focus on telling stories of the people who empower the American seed industry. We facilitate conversations among industry thought leaders that have a lasting affect on the success of seed businesses and the entire seed sector.

When you read our print magazines, browse our website or read our daily newsletter each morning with your coffee, you will find carefully curated seed sector news, perspectives on current policy and government issues, innovations and powerful technology that is moving our industry forward.

Seed World U.S. has been providing valuable insights, tracking trends, and spotlighting innovations within the seed industry for years. We’re committed to disseminating knowledge, championing sustainable practices, and nurturing collaboration across the agricultural spectrum. Our main focus has always been to share incredible stories that shape the Seed World, building connections that drive relationships and power businesses. We aim to directly influence the success of seed companies and the entire seed sector.

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