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There Is Much Value in Working Regionally, Thinking Globally

When I took on the Seed World U.S. editor role last fall, I knew my goal would be telling U.S.-based seed stories to a U.S.-based audience. It is that, but it’s so much more. Today’s seed sector is incredibly globally integrated. The U.S. seed market is leading and shaping the global seed value chain in huge ways, but we’re also being influenced by policies, events and politics happening around the world. 

One of my growing roles as Seed World U.S. editor is working with my editorial counterparts from the other publications under the Seed World banner: Marcel from Seed World Europe, Marc from Seed World Canada and Elena from Seed World LATAM. Together, we’re collaborating on features and topics that are relevant to the whole seed world. It makes my job extra rewarding and collaborative, and it’s an increasingly important way of informing and promoting the global seed sector.

That’s a big part of why I’m really excited about the rollout of our new, integrated Seed World website, which pulls all our brands under the Seed World name and delivers an amazing ONE-STOP site for worldwide seed-sector content.  

Want to know what’s going on in the United States? We’ve obviously got that! Want to know what’s going on in Latin America, Europe, Canada, Asia and beyond? That’s all there too. And we’ve got content, perspective and thought leadership on issues that cross regions: explanations of how, for example, Europe’s Farm to Fork ag policy strategy might shape future policy here in the United States, or how Latin America’s contra season capacity influences Canadian research. It’s so easy to use the pulldown menu to travel across the continents to access your region’s seed sector news and so much more!

The United States is THE biggest global market for seeds but also the largest seed exporter worldwide. In 2020, our seed exports exceeded a whopping $1.6 billion. As of 2022, our seed market was valued at $17.95 billion, with projections suggesting we’ll grow more than 3.5% to reach more than $22.17 billion by 2028. Powerhouse technology and leadership enable us to feed ourselves and the world. We can’t lose site of the fact that we’re part of something bigger, though: a whole Seed World. 

As editor of Seed World U.S., I am committed to providing valuable insights, tracking trends, and spotlighting innovations within the seed sector. I’ll be sharing perspectives, championing sustainable practices, and nurturing collaboration across the entire seed value chain, here at home and around the world. My main focus will always be sharing incredible stories that shape the seed world and building powerful, meaningful and fun connections.

I’d really love to hear what you think about the new website and any story ideas you want to share. Take a look

As always, it’s an honor to partner with you,