Seed World - Exploring the Issues of America's Seed Industry Seed World - Exploring the Issues of America's Seed Industry
Seed World - Exploring the Issues of America's Seed Industry
Seed World - Exploring the Issues of America's Seed Industry

Seed World Media - Exploring the Issues of America's Seed Industry


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It's a Learning Obsession

A love of science takes Chris Boomsma from the south-side of Chicago to Indiana's corn fields. Seed World sits down with the 2014 Future Giant of the Seed Industry award winner and explores the realities that keep him motivated. Read More Here.


GEM Adds Diversity to Corn Program delivers genetic improvements and reduced vulnerabilities to enhance the value of maize for farmers and end-users. [continue reading]


A World Without Neonics  Europe's ban on neonicotinoids does not come with out costs. Explore what neonics mean to the economy.  [continue reading]


Through the Eyes of Two World Food Prize Laureates  Read as Gebisa Ejeta and Phil Nelson, who have both contributed to fighting food security, share their thoughts on working to end global hunger. [continue reading]

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Stine Seed Continues to Innovate  Known for his soybean genetics, Harry Stine and his team are putting that same innovation and energy behind corn. [continue reading]


Inside the World Seed Congress  Travel to Beijing and let Seed World take you through the International Seed Federation's 2014 World Seed Congress. [continue reading]


Diseases Wreak Havoc on Hives  Experts explain the most common diseases that threaten honeybees and provide tips to identify symptoms. [continue reading]


What Farmers WantA panel of five farmers share their seed company likes and dislikes. [continue reading]


Breeding in Africa Proves an Uphill Battle Working with extremely limited resources, Dennis Thompson breaks down a number of obstacles plant breeders in Africa face. [continue reading]


More Than Meets the Eye - Learn how one company entered the nutraceuticals market by breeding marigolds that improve eye health.  [continue reading]


Breaking Down Biologicals  - With all the recent hype about biologicals, there's no shortage of terminology to understand. Seed World breaks down the basics. [continue reading]


Rice Makes the World Go Around  - Breeding advancements improve the market value, efficiency and health benefits of the staple grain. [continue reading]


Spotlight on ASTA  If you missed the American Seed Trade Association's Annual Convention, check out a few highlights.  [continue reading]


It's a Learning Obession  A love of science takes one man from the south-side of Chicago to Indiana's corn fields. Follow the path of the this year's Future Giant of the Seed Industry.  [continue reading]

Seeds of Distrust Spur GMO Labeling Bill - Explore the impacts that mandatory-GMO labeling could have on the American seed industry and what experts in the agriculture and biotechnology fields have to say about it. [continue reading]

Protecting Pollinators - What's new in the world of bees?  Bayer CropScience recently unveiled its new North American Bee Care Center. [continue reading]

Reinvigorating Research - As government holds funding for basic research, it stifles progress. Will private investment be able to compensate for government's shortcomings? [continue reading]

Around the World - Regional seed associations from around the globe share hot issues, the challenges their up against, big breakthroughs and how their bringing people together to further the seed industry as a whole.  [continue reading]

Registration Review - Variety registration systems vary from country to country, but is there a system that works best? Seed World looks at current efforts in Canada and characteristics that comprise a good system. [continue reading]

Time Takes a Toll on Seed Quality -  - While working in Liberia, Dennis Thompson assessed seed quality and the myriad of factors that come into play.   [continue reading]

Training the Force - Discover how the University of California, Davis, works to secure the future of the seed industry and plant breeding with intensive domestic and international training opportunities.  [continue reading]


Boom Times for Sorghum

Sorghum is one of the most versatile crops around and has a growing list of uses. This hardy, drought-resistant grain has commonly been used as livestock feed, but is now carving more space in the biofuel market. It can serve as a feedstock in ethanol production, as well as a biomass crop to help fuel power plants. But sorghum is also used to make such things as gluten-free bread and fiberboard, and is a key ingredient in many Chinese wines. Read More Here.


Unlocking the Full Genetic Potential of Plants - Increased genome sequencing is opening the door to unique possibilities for plant breeding and research. [continue reading]


Using TALENs and CRISPRs in Crop Development  Recently developed techniques could mean a host of new traits moving into crops faster, easier and more economically. [continue reading]

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Ensuring Seed Quality  New technologies and evolving testing methods are helping growers get more from their seed. [continue reading]


New Equipment Promises Even More Efficiency  How new equipment technologies can improve operations in your seed business. [continue reading]