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Seed World U.S. salutes the heartbeat of the seed industry during National Ag Week

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Executives, scientists and innovators propel this great industry forward

I’m sure you know our seed industry is the backbone of American agriculture, playing a critical role in the success and sustainability of the nation’s farming sector. It is a story that begins with a tiny seed and culminates in the abundant harvests that feed millions. During this National Week of Agriculture, we commend the executives, scientists and innovators who make our seed industry shine on a global stage.

You are the heart of this industry. Your efforts are the result of years of research, innovation and technological advancements. Plant breeders work tirelessly to create varieties that are more resilient, productive and adaptable to changing environmental conditions. This continuous improvement in seed genetics is vital for the growth and evolution of American agriculture.

The importance of the seed industry extends beyond the fields to the global food supply chain, ensuring that farmers have access to seeds that can meet the demands of a constantly growing population. The industry’s commitment to innovation helps address challenges such as climate change, pest and disease pressures and water scarcity. By developing seeds that can thrive under various conditions, you support the resilience and stability of the food system.

Our seed industry contributes significantly to the economy via job creation, supporting rural communities, and moving the technology needle. We can’t ignore that the success of the seed industry is very closely linked to the overall prosperity of the American agricultural sector and the broader economy.

The seed industry’s focus on sustainability is vital. Through the development of seeds that require fewer inputs, such as water and chemicals, the industry promotes more sustainable practices. This benefits the environment and also helps farmers reduce costs and increase profitability.

Your commitment to research and education is also noteworthy. Collaborations with universities, research institutions and government agencies help advance knowledge and develop new technologies. These essential partnerships address the complex challenges facing agriculture.

The seed industry is a solid cornerstone of American agriculture. As the industry continues to evolve, it will play an even more significant role, ensuring food security, and supporting the livelihoods of millions of Americans. Seed World U.S. salutes every single person that makes the U.S. seed industry the best in the world!