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Unique Design Provides Benefitseandt_buckhorn_dec2012

Buckhorn offers an unmatched selection of reusable packaging solutions designed to protect your products and increase your profitability. Buckhorn’s CenterFlow™  seed box is the most efficient and versatile container available to transport and dispense seed. It has three main components—a base, ring and lid. Its smooth, funnel-shaped interior is angled for efficient flow of contents and completely empties in 30 seconds. CenterFlow’s unique design provides a safer work environment, saves labor by eliminating the need for flexible bulk bags and reduces expendable packaging and disposal costs. It easily handles loads up to 2,500 pounds, stacked four high, and has a standard footprint of 57” x 45” x 65”. 

New for 2013 is a lid for the base! Custom footprints, ring heights and enhanced accessories/identification options are also available.

Buckhorn—You Perfect It, We’ll Protect It.

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Dual Modes of Action

The Agrisure® Duracade trait is Syngenta’s next-generation corn rootworm control trait, which expresses a unique protein, eCry3.1Ab, for control of corn rootworm. The proprietary technology has a different mode of action than the Agrisure RW trait (Event MIR604) against rootworm. Pending full USDA deregulation, the Agrisure Duracade trait will be stacked with the Agrisure RW trait to provide growers with dual modes of action against the destructive corn rootworm, allowing them to grow more corn while also countering the development of insect resistance in fields and sustaining insect control solutions.

The Agrisure Duracade trait will be used to create refuge-in-a-bag product offerings featuring two new trait stacks. The Agrisure Duracade 5122 trait stack will combine the Agrisure Duracade trait with the Agrisure RW trait for an additional mode of action on corn rootworm, Agrisure CB/LL trait for control of corn borer, the Herculex® I trait for a second mode of action on corn borer and for broad lepidopteran control, and the GA21 trait for glyphosate tolerance. The Agrisure Duracade 5222 trait stack will include the same traits as the Agrisure Duracade 5122 trait stack plus the Agrisure Viptera® trait for breakthrough control of the multi-pest complex.

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The Next Wave 


The VistaSort optical sorter employs advanced LED lighting systems from the world’s top lighting manufacturers, taking color sorting to new levels. The advancement of a more optimized optical system integrated with the calibration systems in German professional camera applications has allowed our equipment to achieve the highest signal/noise ratio and vastly improve the stability of color sorting. The human interface of our machines is very easy to operate, enabling operators of all experience levels to test and use the color sorter. Multilingual support provides all of our customers with improved support. Our optimized processing method provides superior color selection and ensures that our products meet the most stringent industry requirements.

The VistaSort will remove foreign material (sticks, debris, stones), color defects (caused by disease, immaturity or moisture damage), splits and undecorticated seed in pulse crops such as lentils, beans and peas. In cereal grains, we can remove all types of contaminants (sticks, hulls, stones), ergot, foreign material (i.e. wild oats), discolored seeds, as well as immature and diseased kernels.

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Optimizing Growth

The Hagie 2013 STS Application System is a single tank sprayer series, available in 4 models ranging from 1,000- to 1,600-gallon capacities. Enhance versatility with boom widths ranging 60 to 120 feet, along with attachments for full season nitrogen application and detasseling. Increase efficiency with the front mounted boom, 275 to 365 hp engines, 365 gpm side fill, 3” front fill, up to 34 mph road speed, 20 mph application speed and all wheel steer. The lightweight, balanced design has 6’ clearance and an 18” crop package, providing full season application capability with reduced crop damage. Optimize your growth with a Hagie.

For over six decades, Hagie Mfg. has been providing the most innovative crop protection solutions in the industry. In 1947, Ray Hagie invented the world’s first self-propelled sprayer and founded Hagie Mfg. Three generations, millions of acres and more than 65 years later, Hagie Mfg. provides a superior customer experience while building on our family-owned traditions and values. Hagie Mfg.’s innovative crop protection solutions enhance versatility, advance capability and increase efficiency, to optimize our customers’ growth.

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Conveying Safety and Efficiency

 Meridian is focused on helping their customers get the job done safer and more efficiently. Meridian’s conveyors offer the following benefits:

• Cross cleated belt, designed to handle your product more gently and virtually eliminates cleat “vacuum” at discharge end. The design allows for increased capacity over other cleat designs while ensuring no damage or breakage caused by conveyor cleats.

• Spring loaded stainless steel tension system positioned before the discharge, keeping the new cross cleated belt running smooth and in place. The design allows for easy and visible adjustments when required, while eliminating the need for adjustment linkage at either end. Meridian conveyors are very clean running at the intake and discharge ends.

• A no-spill and easy clean out bottom, virtually eliminating cross contamination. Rollover cover opens completely and is easily removable without tools to ensure 100 per cent clean out. Patent pending design includes a belt sweep, essentially eliminating all back feeding and operation mess.

• 6,100 bushels per hour of soybeans while filling a truck with a 35-foot conveyor at 400 feet per minute.
• 3,500 bu/hr of soybeans at 38 degrees with a 65-foot conveyor at 400 ft/min.

Standard Features:
• Heavy duty, fully-enclosed construction.
• Meridian 2-Ply 16” rubber cleated belt.
• Approximately 400 ft/min belt speed.
• Configurable to your length requirements.
• Canvas hopper (approximately 28” wide,
36” long).

Heavy-Duty Construction:
• Heavy-duty construction starting with structural tubing versus cable and bridge support.
• 12-gauge side panels, 14-gauge belt covers, 3/8” laser cut flanges.

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Staying Power

Products applied to seed need to stay there—all the way through planting.eandt_becker_dec2012

Fast-drying Flo Rite® 1706 plantability polymer delivers uniform coverage to help lock down fungicides, insecticides, inoculants and other seed treatment products in one complete seed treatment. And its rhizobia-friendly formulation makes it an ideal treatment companion with a liquid-based inoculant for soybeans, dry beans and peas.

Application of Flo Rite 1706 enhances the value of seed treatments by:
• Reducing dust-off of actives
• Increasing seed flow with less stickiness and bridging
• Improving plantability and decreasing skips and doubles

Ask your distributor or Becker Underwood representative how Flo Rite polymers can optimize your seed performance.

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©2012 Becker Underwood, Inc.



Ground-Breaking Automation


It all started with a belt. In 1999, the founders of KSi Conveyors Inc. developed a patented, cleated conveyor belt technology that outperformed conventional augers and conveyors, moving seed at steeper angles and—most importantly—with very little damage to the seed. This technology, combined with a dedication to integrity and service, soon established KSi as the standard in quality seed handling equipment. This reputation naturally led to the development and design of bulk seed system conveyors and related equipment, including the creation of one of the most sophisticated, yet user-friendly, automation control systems available in the downstream seed treatment market.

“Early on, we dedicated ourselves to servicing the customer,” explains CEO Paul Kaeb, “and that singular focus has led to the development of a process for bulk seed site design and implementation that centers on the needs of the customer, now and in the future. Increasing demands for accurate seed metering and chemical application continue to change the industry, and our ability to look at these needs through the eyes of our customers has allowed us to keep pace and introduce ground-breaking automation and product innovation to the marketplace.”

Some of KSi’s most significant innovations of late include the KSi AutoTreat automation system, which brings together control of seed flow and chemical application into a single automation control panel; the KSi MultiFlow continuous seed scaling system; and the KSi VariRate loss-in-weight seed flow system. 

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Healthier Roots, Stronger Stands

Bayer’s Poncho®/VOTiVO® seed treatment protects young plants from pests during critical early development stages, leading to healthier root development and stronger stands. Applied directly to the seed, its systemic agent is absorbed by new roots immediately, never giving pests the opportunity to strike. Its revolutionary biological component—a unique bacteria strain that lives and grows with young roots—prevents nematodes from reaching the plant and causing damage. Poncho/VOTiVO protects the whole plant, above and below ground, supporting healthier plant performance, improving vigor and positively impacting yield. The combination of a living barrier of protection with powerful control of critical early-season insects results in consistent defense of your crop from seed germination to plant establishment.


• Controls black cutworms, wireworms and other important early-season insects in corn.
• Controls early-season aphids, overwintering bean leaf beetles and other important early-season insects in soybeans.
• Systemic mode of action protects the entire plant, supporting healthier plant establishment.
• Living bacteria protects roots against nematode damage from a wide range of species, including Soybean Cyst Nematodes.
• Maximizes early-season plant stands, uniformity and vigor for higher yields.

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