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Built on Tradition

dec13_ets_hagieHagie Manufacturing provides the most innovative crop protection solutions in the industry. In 1947, Ray Hagie invented the world’s first self-propelled sprayer and founded the company. Three generations, millions of acres and more than 65 years later, Hagie Manufacturing provides a superior customer experience, while building on the traditions and values of our family-owned company. Hagie Manufacturing’s innovative crop protection solutions enhance versatility, advance capability and increase efficiency, to optimize our customers’ growth.
Hagie’s STS Application System is a single tank sprayer series, available in four models ranging 1,000 to 1,600 gallon capacities. Enhance versatility with boom widths ranging 60 to 120 feet, along with attachments for full season nitrogen application and detasseling. Hagie’s Nitrogen Toolbar (NTP) enhances capability for full season side dress of up to 72-inch corn, allowing for areas where nitrogen may have been leached or denitrified to reach its fullest yield potential. The NTB design allows the bar to float and follow the contour of the ground to perform timely and precise nitrogen applications when and where your crops need it most. Increase efficiency with the front-mounted boom, 275 to 365 horsepower engines, 365 gallons per minute side fill, three-inch front fill, up to 34 miles per hour road speed, 20 mph application speed, and all wheel steer. The lightweight, balanced design has six-foot clearance and an 18-inch crop package, providing full season application capability with reduced crop damage. The 2014 STS model features a new cab design, along with many new features and enhancements on the drive, engine and solution system. Optimize your growth with a Hagie.
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Seeding the Future

dec13_ets_kwsKWS is one of the world’s leading plant breeding companies. More than 4,400 employees in 70 countries generated net sales of more than €1.1 billion in the fiscal year 2012/13. For more than 150 years, KWS has been managed as a family-oriented and independent company. The main areas of its work are the breeding of varieties and the production and sale of seed for corn, sugar beets, cereals, potatoes, oil-seed rape and sunflower. Fifteen percent of its annual sales are invested in research and development. KWS uses state-of-the-art plant breeding methods and technologies to continuously improve variety yields and resistances to diseases, pests and abiotic stress.
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Improving Crop Productivity Naturally and Significantly through Superior Seed Enhancement

dec13_ets_incotecIt all begins with the seed. For years, INCOTEC has been improving plantability and emergence of seeds by introducing innovative seed-applied technologies. In keeping with this tradition of excellence, INCOTEC now offers Arcus ST custom blended with DISCO film coat liquids for any crop.
Arcus ST is a unique plant growth regulator (PGR) product designed to increase the efficiency of basic plant physiological processes, allowing the plant to optimize its genetic potential, in both ideal and stressful environments, which often leads to higher crop yields. A naturally derived seed treatment product registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Arcus ST is a broad-spectrum PGR that provides a variety of benefits to any crop including increased germination and improved seedling development especially in stressful soil environments, resulting in stronger root establishment, greater biomass and higher chlorophyll density. Applying Arcus ST as a seed treatment increases the efficiency of physiological processes, enhancing crop growth right from the start, which is essential to improved plant health and productivity.
Arcus ST can be applied to the seed in combination with DISCO film coat liquids and with most seed treatment packages. Arcus ST is highly compatible and readily mixes with biostimulants, fertilizers, polymers, fungicides, insecticides and inoculants. FBSciences Arcus ST is the first product available commercially with the patented active ingredient Complex Polymeric Polyhydroxy Acids.
Get the most out of your seed with the consistent performance of Arcus ST and DISCO liquid formulations for any crop.
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Meridian Storage Pod SP-400 

Meridian’s workmanship and commitment to customer service has been setting them apart as an industry leader for over 65 years. The SP-400, it’s all about convenience. Designed for delivery and on-site storage of your seed, the SP-400 offers an industry-leading, innovative design to store your commodities conveniently during high demand seasons that often leave you short on time.
Meridian’s Storage Pod provides storage for virtually any type of seed. With a compartment size of 400 cu. ft (400 units), the SP-400 will meet your capacity needs and then some. Its heavy duty, single-compartment design features all-steel components constructed of rust-resistant materials and is powder coated for long-lasting durability, a Meridian standard. Its innovative design and exclusive features ensure effortless operation and security.
Its weather-tight, shrouded vertical gate with view glass ensures that the integrity of your seed is protected. With a gate to ground clearance of 31 ¼”, the gate is operated by a gear drive and crank handle. Meridian’s SP-400 also features a weather tight mechanical drive roll back lid with rubber securement latch and an easy to open chain drive operated conveniently from the ground. The lid opening is large, allowing easy filling of the pod. Also the overall fill height is 136”—the lowest in the industry.
To make your job safer and more efficient, the Meridian Storage Pod comes equipped with an inspection ladder and toe hold. The toe hold is a small foot hold area that offers a safe and secure way to inspect the compartment if desired. The unit also comes equipped with three view glasses for easy-to-see compartment inspection. Fork pockets for pod placement allow for easy loading and unloading. Two options are available for leg height—lowered for transport or raised for on-site use. The SP-400 also includes a weather-tight document tube for convenient access to the owner’s manual. Warranty guarantees one year free from defect in material or workmanship from the date of shipment and five years on the paint finish.
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