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GMOs with Health Benefits Offer Large Market Potential

Research from Ghent University in Belgium has demonstrated that genetically modified crops with an increased vitamin or mineral content have a promising market potential.
Various GM crops with health benefits have been developed in which genes, mostly originating from other organisms, have been added. Notable examples include rice enriched with pro-vitamin A, also known as Golden Rice, and folate-enriched rice, developed at Ghent University.
The research, which was recently published in Nature Biotechnology, reveals that consumers are willing to pay more for GMOs with health benefits, with premiums ranging from 20 percent to 70 percent. This differs from GMOs with farmer benefits, which are only accepted by consumers when they are offered at a discount.
Several studies show that these GMOs have positive impacts on human health. According to the research from Ghent University, although GMOs with health benefits are not a panacea for eliminating malnutrition, they offer a complementary and cost-effective alternative when other strategies are less successful or feasible.