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Since 1915: Looking Back in History

1915 Honesty in the Seed Business

There is probably no other business where honesty plays such an important part as the seed business. The time of “putting it over” on the other fellow is a thing of the past. It costs too much money to get established in the seed business to take chances on inferior deliveries. Whether seed is purchased by sample, brand or name, the buyer honestly selects what he needs for his trade and if he does not get identical delivery, reasonably and honestly has a comeback on the seller.

1940 Seed Catalogs—Then and Now

By H.R. Morse

Today’s up-to-date seed catalog represents an enormous advance over the best books of twenty-five years ago in quality of paper, workmanship, illustrations, legibility, credibility, character of descriptive matter, advertising effectiveness and general attractiveness. Looking backward—twenty-five years—takes us back to the days when wood cuts were still the popular method of illustrating seed catalogs—unbelievable pictures, grossly exaggerated size comparison, etc., which the reader promptly discounted or discredited entirely.

1965 The Development of Glumeless Sweet Corn

By Walton C. Galinat, associate professor, University of Massachusetts

After some 7,000 years of changes during domestication, the ear of corn may now reach a higher level of utility to man by acquiring a glumeless cob.

A comparison of the normal ear on the right to the vestigial glume ear on the left in longitudinal (below) and cross-sectional (above) views. Some of the grain has been removed to reveal the difference in cob size.