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Wyffels Releases 2016 Corn Hybrids

Wyffels Hybrids has rolled out 14 new products, including six new base genetics, for the 2016 growing season. 
Corn growers in Illinois, Iowa, southern Wisconsin, southern Minnesota and surrounding areas can take advantage of the highest-performing genetics and the most advanced technology with the new hybrids, the company said.
The new products include hybrids featuring Genuity SmartStax and Genuity VT Double PRO traits, which are available as Wyffels Refuge in a Bag (RIB). The lineup also includes conventional hybrids. 
“Part of our culture at Wyffels Hybrids is to continually push the limits to find, develop and bring to market better seed corn genetics quicker than the competition,” said Shane Meis, director of research at Wyffels Hybrids. “These new hybrids have proven they perform with outstanding yield potential, excellent agronomics and consistency across diverse conditions and environments. We are committed to bringing our customers seed solutions that can help their operations be more profitable.”
New for 2016 ‑ Early-season hybrids:
W1528RIB 95 RM (GENSS) | W1526RIB 93 RM (GENVT2P) 
  • Impressive stalk and root strength
  • Great late-season health and standability
  • High yielding hybrid for northern areas
W1690 95 RM (CONV) 
  • Sound late-season appearance
  • Outstanding adaptability across all soil types
  • Excellent roots and stalks
W2488RIB 101 RM (GENSS) | W2486RIB 98 RM (GENVT2P) 
  • Exciting top-end yield potential
  • Very strong agronomic package combining disease tolerance and plant integrity
  • Solid late harvest option for its maturity
Mid-season hybrids:
W4966RIB 106 RM (GENVT2P) | W4960 106 RM (CONV) 
  • Outstanding yield potential over variable soil types, including poorly-drained soils
  • Exceptional stalk strength and late season intactness
  • Impressive stress tolerance 
W6818RIB 110 RM (GENSS) 
  • Excellent adaptability across all soil types
  • Strong disease tolerance, including Goss’ wilt
  • Low risk of greensnap
W7106RIB 110 RM (GENVT2P) | W7110 110 RM (CONV) 
  • Industry-leading yield potential across soil types
  • Excellent standability and staygreen make them great late-harvest options
  • Outstanding agronomics
W7246RIB 111 RM (GENVT2P) 
  • Maintains top-end yield potential even in tough environments
  • Exceptional adaptability across soil types, including poorly-drained soils
  • Low greensnap risk
W7456RIB 112 RM (GENVT2P) 
  • Impressive yields across varying productivity levels
  • Very strong agronomics with great late season plant intactness
  • Outstanding disease tolerance package
Late-season hybrids:
W7696RIB 113 RM (GENVT2P) 
  • Industry-leading yield potential, even across varying soil types
  • Excellent root and stalk strength
  • Low greensnap risk
W7508RIB 113 RM (GENSS) 
  • Phenomenal top-end yield potential with very good grain quality
  • Excellent adaptability from poorly drained soils to drought-prone soils
  • Impressive stalks and roots