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Wyffels Hybrids Releases New Corn Hybrids for 2021 Planting Season

Wyffels Hybrids is excited to offer 12 new hybrids to corn growers in the Central Corn Belt for the 2021 planting season. These hybrids, which have been rigorously tested and vetted by the company’s team of corn breeders, include eight new base genetics from 95 to 115 RM.

“We are excited to introduce another outstanding class of hybrids that bring tremendous yield potential, proven stability and great agronomics,” says Shane Meis, director of research at Wyffels Hybrids. “They elevate an already industry-leading lineup to new heights and will play a prominent role in Wyffels’ mission to relentlessly work together to serve corn growers in the pursuit of a more productive and profitable crop.”

Wyffels and its team of seed representatives take great pride in working with their customers to help them find a package of hybrids that fit their specific needs. Corn growers have the ability to choose from a top-performing lineup of Wyffels products with SmartStax (SS) and VT Double PRO (VT2P) traits, as well as conventional (CONV) hybrids.

New for 2021

W1546RIB / W1548RIB 95/96 RM (VT2P/SS)

  • Outstanding top-end yield potential
  • Expect exceptional yield to moisture ratios
  • Stable performance across soil types, including poorly drained fields

W2230 98 RM (CONV)

  • Great stress tolerance and later harvest timing ÔÇß Excellent choice for light soils
  • Low greensnap risk

W2288RIB 99 RM (SS)

  • Consistent yields over a wide range of environments
  • Strong rooted hybrid with excellent stalk strength
  • Impressive season-long standability makes it a top late harvest option ÔÇß Outstanding test weight

W3018RIB 102 RM (SS)

  • Outstanding yield performance across soil types
  • Solid root and stalk strength
  • Expect yield response to higher populations
  • Great late season intactness provides flexibility for a late harvest option

W4246RIB 105 RM (VT2P)

  • A nice balance of yield performance, root, and stalk strength ÔÇß Very good green snap resistance
  • Handles high populations but can flex ear if needed
  • Good late season plant health allows for wide harvest window

W6906RIB 111 RM (VT2P)

  • Dependable performance across variable soil types
  • Great combination of roots, stalks, and plant health
  • Very strong green snap resistance
  • Semi-flex ears work over a wide range of populations

W6978RIB 111 RM (SS)

  • Covers a large geography with excellent north to south adaptability
  • Strong roots and low green snap risk
  • Well adapted to wide range of populations

W7720 112 RM (CONV)

  • High yield performance without late season risks
  • Tough durable hybrid that will go anywhere
  • Low greensnap risk, high test weight, and outstanding stalks and roots

W7338RIB 112 RM (SS)

  • Big yield potential on a robust plant
  • Good heat tolerance and toughness enable southern movement ÔÇß Semi-flex ear works well over a wide range of populations
  • Low green snap risk

W7870 113 RM (CONV)

  • Industry-leading yield potential
  • Outstanding agronomics with excellent performance over soil types
  • Great late season intactness

W8148RIB 115 RM (SS)

  • Good late season intactness enables late harvest
  • Strong drought and heat tolerance allow it to perform in tough environments
  • Semi-flex ear with attractive high test weight grain