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EU Approves 10 New Biotech Traits for Import

The European Commission has authorized the import of 10 new biotech traits for food and feed use.
Valid for 10 years, these biotech traits have gone through a full authorization procedure, including a favorable scientific assessment by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA); however, the authorization decisions do not include cultivation.
Any products produced from these biotech traits will be subject to the European Union’s labeling and traceability rules.
The GMO’s adopted include:

  • 10 new authorizations — MON 87460 maize, MON 87705 soybean, MON 87708 soybean, MON 87769 soybean, 305423 soybean, BPS-CV127-9 soybean, MON 88302, oilseed rape, T304-40 cotton, MON 88913 cotton, LLCotton25xGHB614 cotton.
  • 7 renewals — T25 maize, NK603 maize, GT73 oilseed rape, MON 531 x MON 1445 cotton, MON 15985 cotton; MON 531 cotton and MON 1445 cotton.
  • 2 GM cut flowers  — carnations line IFD-25958-3 and line IFD-26407-2.