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Brewing a Fully Traceable “Blockchain Beer”

Source: Pixabay

Olds College Brewery in Olds, Alta., is to create “fully transparent and traceable” beer using malt barley grown on the Olds College Smart Farm with Decisive Farming and Grain Discovery’s technology.

According to the Olds College website, the project is meant to show the process of growing malt barley from seeding to processing to final product. Decisive Farming will provide Croptivity and My Farm Manager for software and app support. Staff will provide Optimize Rx-s and Rx-f for minimum of six zones over 160 acres for scalability.

Olds College will provide the acres and cropping support to get the field seeded, sprayed and harvested, while Grain Discovery will be creating an app to track the barley through the process and create a storyline. After harvest the barley will be cleaned and Red Shed Malting will malt the barley and package it for use in the Olds College Brewery. This end product will have a QR code that displays a story line when scanned.

The project comes after a similar pilot project undertaken in 2019 which helped create a blockchain tofu product. Stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks as we follow this project in more detail.