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Serious Seed Protection for Cereals, Peas and Lentils — Lumivia™ CPL

Serious control. Serious results.

It’s time to get serious about the early season health of your cereals, peas and lentils.

Lumivia CPL is a new mode of action insecticide seed treatment for early season protection from wireworm, cutworm, armyworm and pea leaf weevil.

Here are some of the key benefits of Lumivia CPL:
  1. Reduces the build-up of pest populations. Lumivia CPL provides outstanding protection against a wide range of early season insects including wireworm, cutworm, armyworm and pea leaf weevil that helps reduce the build-up of pest populations.
  1. Seedling protection to develop uniform and healthy stands that maximize yield. Lumivia CPL contains a Group 28 anthranilic diamide insecticide that remains concentrated in key areas of the plant after planting and protects the plant both below and above the ground through germination and after emergence.
  1. Favourable environmental profile. Lumivia CPL has minimal impact on beneficial insects and pollinators, making it a great fit for a grower’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy.

New mode of action for cereals, peas and lentils

Lumivia CPL provides outstanding early-season insect protection to maximize stand and yield potential. With Lumivia CPL seed treatment protection in place, growers can more easily achieve a uniform, healthy stand, and be rewarded with more bushels at the end of the season.

Lumivia CPL offers a unique mode of action and a favourable environmental profile, reducing the build-up of pest populations. It is easy to apply for on-farm or custom treating.

Lumivia CPL at a glance:

  • Active ingredient: Chlorantraniliprole
  • Group 28: Anthranilic diamides
  • Unique Mode of Action: Fast-acting protection through muscle impairment
  • Formulation: Flowable Solution 625 g/L

Low Application Rates:

  • Wheat – 320 bushels treated/3.5 L jug
  • Lentils – 320 bushels treated/3.5 L jug
  • Peas – 200 bushels treated/3.5 L jug
  • Barley – 400 bushels treated/3.5 L jug
  • Oats – 600 bushels treated/3.5 L jug

Application method:

It is recommended that Lumivia CPL be used in conjunction with a Fungicide Seed Treatment. This product contains no colourant. An appropriate colourant must be added if this product is applied alone. Regulations pertaining to the Seeds Act must be strictly adhered to when using this product. Seed must be conspicuously coloured at the time of treatment.

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For early season protection from wireworm, cutworm, armyworm and pea leaf weevil in cereals, peas and lentils, contact your crop protection retailer about Lumivia CPL today.

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