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Top Social Media Channel Dedicated to Public Trust in Ag Finds a New Home

The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity (CCFI) announced today that the organization has reached an agreement with Farm Credit Canada (FCC) to assume the leadership of one of the agriculture industry’s top public advocacy forums, Agriculture More Than Ever (AMTE).

“It is important to acknowledge the excellent work FCC has done to promote public trust in the Canadian food system through Ag More Than Ever,” said John Jamieson, President & CEO of CCFI.

“This shift complements the work we’ve been doing since 2016, when CCFI was formed to help earn public trust in Canada’s food system. The synergies with Ag More Than Ever will support our activities in sustaining public trust for decades to come.”

Jamieson said the addition of Agriculture More Than Ever is a key milestone in the organization’s growth strategy and builds on its plan to connect Canadians with agriculture and the food system by providing transparent two-way communications.

FCC has driven the platform since it was launched in 2012 in response to a rising need to improve public perceptions about agriculture and food. It was set up to create a forum where the industry could come together to share pride for agriculture, as well as inform consumers about who produces their food and how it is produced.

“Over the years, Ag More Than Ever has been very successful at putting a human face on one of Canada’s most important and dynamic industries,” said Todd Klink, FCC’s chief marketing officer.

“That’s why it has grown into one of the top forums for celebrating Canadian agriculture and generating stronger public trust in our food system.”

AMTE has become the No. 1 social media channel dedicated to public trust in Canadian agriculture, with over 94,000 followers across multiple social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It has also been the driving force behind Canada’s Agriculture Day, launched five years ago to celebrate Canadian agriculture, food and everyone who works in the industry.

Klink said FCC has served as an industry catalyst by leading the AMTE initiative for almost a decade, so now was a good time to pass the torch to the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity (CCFI). Both FCC and the CCFI view the transfer as an opportunity to take the public trust initiative and conversation to the next level.

Through its public advocacy and awareness activities, CCFI has emerged as the neutral voice on all things related to food in Canada.

“We are excited with the possibilities Agriculture More Than Ever offers CCFI and our partners. It is a wonderful, people-centric communications program that we will use to highlight the work of the Canadian food system as it continues to provide healthy food to Canadians and people around the world,” said John Jamieson.