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Seed World CREATE and Ag Printers Partner to Better Serve the Seed Industry

Seed World CREATE, the consulting division of Seed World Group whose media division publishes Seed World magazine, has announced a strategic partnership with Ag Printers, a turnkey marketing material and labeling solutions company for the seed industry located in Lafayette, Ind., to super serve their seed industry customers. This alignment will help both companies deliver on strategy and marketing communications solutions from the planning stage through to dealer support and grower outreach.

“We have long admired the services and products that Ag Printers delivers in the seed industry,” says Shawn Brook, president of Seed World Group. “That is why we chose to pursue an arms-length working partnership with them — knowing it will help us deliver more value to our customers.”

Specializing in the start-to-finish delivery of cohesive custom marketing materials — from bag tags to brochures to field signs to seed guides — Ag Printers offers design, compliance, print, fulfillment, and more. These products and services complement the strategic services, digital marketing and content lab focus of the team at Seed World CREATE.

Sara Hamelman, president of Ag Printers, echoes Brook’s sentiment. “With the expertise and services both companies offer, there are clear synergies for our customers. We feel working together — focused on our respective strengths — will offer great value for new and existing customers from both businesses.”

Both companies are excited for the potential this partnership offers and enhancements it will bring to the customers they work with. Operationally Ag Printers and Seed World CREATE will continue to use their project management teams separately, maintaining a clear point of contact for their customers while adding capabilities.

“We look forward to seeing the seed industry in Chicago next week and having the opportunity to talk more about this new collaboration,” says Brook. Look for Ag Printers and Seed World at the American Seed Trade Association’s CSS and Seed Expo to learn more.

About Seed World Group Seed World Group has two divisions: Seed World CREATE and Seed World Media. Each serve their customers in a unique and dynamic ways to meet the needs of an evolving global seed industry.

Seed World CREATE supports seed businesses by creating customized seed specific strategy, processes, digital tools and content that help increase sales and productivity.

Seed World Media is comprised of four core properties: Seed World, Germination, European Seed and Seed World South America. The properties serve multiple countries an include digital and print offerings. With highly sought after, issues-based content, audiences trust Seed World Media to deliver business critical industry information and insights.