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The Mentors, Products and Companies That Spearheaded the Industry in 2022

This year, Germination sought out some of the most influential mentors, most innovative products and most climate smart companies in the industry. To learn more about the mentors, products and companies that have led the industry throughout 2022, check out the full list of winners below.

Top 10 Mentors Who Matter

Germination put out the call for nominations to identify some of our industry’s most important mentors who have played a role in helping the next generation develop their skills. We had three main criteria: they be a person who’s demonstrated proven mentorship skills; they be at least 55 years of age; and they be retired from their main seed industry job. Here are the standouts.

Top 10 Most Innovative Products

The world population continues to climb and the need for more food and fibre is looming. The seed industry, farmers and consumers alike need innovations more today than ever before.

They’re looking for innovations that not only add yield and increase ROI but provide environmental benefits as well. This year, Germination looked at the past few years of innovations to determine which earned a spot in our 10 Most Innovative Products in the Seed Industry.

Top Climate Smart Companies

Canada’s climate is changing. Higher temperatures, shifting rainfall patterns, extreme weather events and rising sea levels are just some of the changes already affecting many aspects of our lives.

Germination put out the call for seed industry players who are making a difference in helping mitigate the effects of climate change. The qualifications? That the company have an active effect on mitigating the effects of climate change on Canada’s seed sector.

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