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Timac Agro Announces Research Collaboration with U of Calgary


Timac Agro Canada will complete a multi-year research project with the University of Calgary (U of C) looking into canola drought tolerance and nitrous oxide emission reductions, a Feb. 3 news release said.

The research is a continuation of two-year project led by U of C professor Marcus Samuel where Timac Agro’s biostimulants affects on canola drought tolerance was studied. The release noted the results were showcased at the American Society of Plant Biologists/Canadian Society of Plant Biologists joint conference in Oregon in July 2022.

Through our previous collaboration, we demonstrated the efficiency of Timac Agro extracts in conferring improved biomass, stand establishment and drought tolerance on canola. We are happy to continue our collaboration with Timac Agro Canada,” Samuel said in the release.

The release noted the laboratory findings were corroborated by 376 field demonstrations conducted over the same period by Timac Agro teams in the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.

This research project will provide further depth to the tremendous work performed by our team of 100 representatives who promote on a daily basis the idea of a performant and more sustainable agriculture,” Simon Jolette-Riopel, general manager at Timac Agro Canada, said in the release.

In the new phase of the research project, U of C and Timac Agro are seeking to bring the laboratory to the field and validate assumptions over a broad range of crops and soil types, the release said. Another part of the research project will involve Timac Agro’s Top Phos, a fertilizer that’s used to maximize phosphorus use efficiency.