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Intellectual Property: Test Your Knowledge

If you’re a seed retailer, you need to be fully up to date on your obligations regarding intellectual property (IP) of the products you sell. Watch our new webinar as we feature experts in the field who will be sharing their knowledge and insights on the topic.

On this webinar you’ll get:

  • An overview of IP in Canada and the latest developments in policy courtesy of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s Anthony Parker, Canada’s Plant Breeders’ Rights commissioner
  • A primer from SeCan’s Todd Hyra on the importance of IP from a retailer perspective, highlighting why it matters to seed suppliers, retailers, and ultimately their customers
  • A dive into the world of marketplace monitoring and how Melanie Reekie and her colleagues at Seeds Canada are protecting seed industry stakeholders by ensuring retailers have the info they need regarding IP
  • Watch a fun interactive quiz to test your IP knowledge
  • A brief explanation of how markers for wheat midge estimation work between labs, by Kim Kenward of 20/20 Seed Labs

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