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Editorial: A New Way to Absorb News

With so many policies changing, practices evolving and activists fighting agriculture at seemingly every stop, it can be hard to keep up. If there was a way to access detailed, valuable information about topics that matter to you and other seed industry professionals, would you latch on?

We think so, and as the seed industry evolves, so are we. I’m excited to share with you a dynamic video series by Seed World Group called Seed Speaks. It’s available on Seed World’s Facebook Live, Seed World Group’s YouTube Channel and will be posted on Seed World, Germination, Alberta Seed Guide and European Seed’s websites each week.

These no-more-than 30-minute episodes will feature experts from around the world who provide insights into topics that matter. In season one, available on-demand on the Seed World Group YouTube channel, we dived into common human resource bottlenecks including: hiring, benefits, retention, diversity, work from home and more.

Each video is hosted by one of four members of the editorial team: Alex Martin, editor of Seed World; Ashley Robinson, editor of Alberta Seed Guide; Marc Zienkiewicz, editor of Germination; and myself. Each season of the weekly series will tackle one overarching topic for a series of months, before moving onto the next issue plaguing the seed industry. Up now: Science Under Fire.

From September, through November, the team at Seed Speaks will work with experts from around the world to dive deeper into common and emerging practices. Many of these practices are under the microscope from anti-technology activists and consumers.

Among these hot topics are:

  • New breeding techniques: What’s their regulatory status in key countries? What are consumer perceptions? Panelists take a critical look to explain what the future looks like with – or without – them.
  • Biotechnology offers growers opportunities to resist pests with fewer pesticides, but not without controversy. Experts take a deep dive into biotechnology and organic production – what’s the most environmentally friendly path?
  • As headlines explain slowing vaccine rates, it leads scientists to wonder what is causing this fear? Is the same doubt in science found in those who question GMOs, NBTs and other advanced techniques?
  • Regenerative agriculture can mean something different to each person asked. What does it actually mean and what will it take to make an actual difference to the climate? In addition, experts dive into the question: Are corporate climate pledges possible or just a public relations stunt?

Have ideas for future topics or want to be a panelist? Reach out to me at We’re eager to add more topics that matter to our readers. In the meantime, be sure to tune in each week and check out last season!


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