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European Seed’s Top 5 Articles on Sustainability

In 2022, European Seed covered the most prominent policy changes, research breakthroughs and technologies dedicated to moving towards a more sustainable future across the globe. Learn more about sustainability in the seed sphere throughout this year with five of our top articles on sustainability.

The 20 Most Climate Friendly Companies Over 2021

Climate change is a threat to many aspects of human life. Without any mitigation, the planet will experience dangerous warming, with yield-destroying droughts; rising sea levels that wash away islands and invading coastal areas; and most certainly the extinction of many species. It is a well-accepted fact that world temperatures are rising because of human activity. Here are 20 companies making a difference.

Is Organic Farming Really Better Than Conventional Farming?

Does organic food reduce our environmental footprint? The topic is complex and there is the need to underline what is marketing and what is science in order to create real awareness on the subject and correctly inform consumers about the food they buy and eat.

Europe Must Embrace New Genomic Technologies (NGT) to Safeguard its Food Sovereignty

In order to feed a world population of 10 billion in 2050, we must act on all the factors that can affect agricultural production potential. Indeed, there are considerable production losses from the field to the consumer’s plate. One third of the food produced for consumers is lost or wasted, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). To this waste must be added production losses at the crop level, from sowing to harvesting.

Climate Benefits from Seed Breeding

Today the dominant societal narrative is climate change, and the stories seed breeders can tell of the part they play in fighting this threat is important. Many environmental activists are spinning a story of agriculture as a problem for the climate, of industrial farming destroying biodiversity and uncontrolled methane emissions playing havoc with our environment.

How True Potato Seeds Can Fight Food Insecurity in Africa

Food insecurity is continuing to grow as populations increase. In Africa, the population is growing at alarming rates, causing food demand to triple within the next two years. As concerns mount about how to feed a growing population, true potato seeds may just help solve some of those problems.