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Rijk Zwaan Building Second Facility In De Lier

Rijk Zwaan has begun construction of their new seed treatment and storage facility in De Lier, Netherlands, according to a release. The company is looking to continue expanding their vegetable breeding, and the new facility is expected to be operational by spring 2025.

Seed extraction, seed treatments and seed storage will all be performed at the new facility. The building will also have offices and meeting areas for employees and visitors.

The demand for vegetable seeds continues to increase, especially with the world’s growing population.

“By increasing Rijk Zwaan’s capacity for seed treatment and storage, we can continue to meet growers’ needs for high-quality vegetable varieties,” said Hubertien Doldersum, manager of operations at Rijk Zwaan. “At the same time, our new facility will enable us to spread our seed processing and storage activities across multiple locations, thus supporting even better business continuity.”

On the new building site, Rijk Zwaan is including a public walking path and greenery. The existing waterways have been widened to improve water drainage away from De Lier. Rijk Zwaan will keep local residents up to date about the building plans.