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CropX and Talgil Connect For Better Irrigation Management Process

CropX announced an API-integration with Talgil was completed according to a release. CropX is a leader globally in agronomic farm management digital solutions and Talgil is an irrigation control systems producer with customers worldwide. The connection between CropX and Talgil will allow users to use less interfaces, streamlining the irrigation management process.

Talgil irrigation controllers can be used on a variety of systems. CropX used data to provide advanced AI agronomic insights and provides advice on irrigation, disease control, nutrition, leaching and more through an app for mobile or desktop.

CropX users can access their Talgil controllers within the CropX system for remote irrigation applications because of this digital connection. The CropX system will tell the user when, where, and how much to irrigate and Talgil users can schedule it. The irrigation data is then imported into the CropX system and can be used for record keeping.

“Knowledge is power, and CropX makes that power even more potent when it can connect immediately with the irrigation system to put that knowledge into action,” said Matan Rahav, vice president of Business Development at CropX. “This is the latest connection in a broad strategy to connect machine data and activate it for the benefit of the grower.”

“Integrating CropX’s decision support system with Talgil Computing & Control irrigation control systems leads to precise and efficient use of water resources, cost savings, and improved sustainability,” said Yosee Ochman, deputy general manager at Talgil. “It empowers farmers with real-time data and predictive analytics to make informed decisions about when and how much to irrigate, optimizing crop yields and mitigating environmental impact.”