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ELICA PROcessing: Always Keeping the Customer in Mind

In today’s challenging world we follow a principle that creativity equals flexibility. To some extent here at ELICA PROcessing, we believe that individual approach helps us to keep out-of-the-box thinking when offering complete solutions. But don’t get me wrong — we do all the calculations (and doublecheck them)! What I mean is that we strive not only to fulfill the clients’ requirements but to do it in the best and efficient way possible.

For us engineers it means that we have to listen and watch, then to change and adapt. People from my team, including me, travel to the place we are assigned to design a project, and we speak to the people face to face. Yes, we are subscribed for webinars and magazines, but to follow the trends, we are also climbing towers and going into bunkers.


Our team consists of 15 talented and experienced engineers. Innovation is implemented in ELICA PRO’s DNA. Each year we release a new product, driven by our customers’ needs. Our team is constantly gathering to brainstorm improvements, minimize negative features and exclude errors. Because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the production and export of sunflower oil has drastically decreased, therefore the demand has grown. This is one of the reasons why negotiations for big projects from Western Europe are coming fast. Türkiye is also becoming a serious player. Investors want to respond to the growing market demands. In order for ELICA PRO to be flexible, we accurately arrange our capabilities to answer the needs.


The consumption of sunflower seeds is growing as it finds newer appliances in the food industry. At the moment we are a targeted producer for our potential customers as we receive a great number of inquiries. We are following our strategy developed by the marketing and sales departments, but the dynamics now are great and we need to shift and adjust.

Feedback is the best assessment we can obtain from the customers. Feedback is ultimately important for improvement. That’s why we are trying to turn clients into brand ambassadors. We know that if our potential customers can see how our complete installations work, they will be convinced to make the right choice for themselves. Together with our sales team we understand that a satisfied partner is not only a compliment, but the greatest reference for our work. There aren’t many producers of this specific equipment and time is the most valuable asset. We appreciate that fact as we also depend on it. We believe that we are one of the best and we understand that people who we work with should also believe it.