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EU and UK Reach Agreement on Horizon Europe

The European Commission and the United Kingdom have settled upon a political agreement for the United Kingdom to participate in Horizon Europe, a research programme for innovation according to a release. The collaboration had been paused for over two years due to the UK researchers relying on UK equivalent grants and funding instead of having the same terms as the other EU countries (including leading consortia).

The agreement says that starting Jan. 1, 2024 the “researchers and organizations in the UK will be able to participate again in Horizon Europe, hence from the 2024 Work Programmes onwards, including the 2024 calls opening in October for Cluster 6 on a wide range of topics including food, bioeconomy, natural resources, agriculture and environment, particularly relevant to actors active in plant research and the seed sector,” according to the release.

This will help further the collaboration that’s ongoing for meeting the needs of farmers and other members of the agri-food chain. Euroseeds is looking forward to this agreement and the UK’s involvement in the partnership moving forward, the release noted.