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Alliance Seeks to Integrate Plant Breeding and Seed Business Software

This week, Agronomix Software Inc. and Cultura Seed Solutions agreed to establish a strategic alliance in marketing and integration between their two software solutions. Agronomix Software with its AGROBASE Generation II software can export relevant seed inventory data to Cultura’s Generation Seed Management software, ensuring the complete management of parent stock seed throughout its lifecycle.

“Generation is a beautiful and natural continuation from AGROBASE and covers areas of commercial seed production, inventory, processing, sales and forecasting which we have not considered,” says Christopher Leonard, Agronomix Software chief communications officer. “Cultura has rapidly grown in stature in the last few years and is widely accepted as the industry expert in seed business management systems. We both have clients who are utilizing the data export feature built into the seed inventory module of AGROBASE and importing that data straight into Generation.”

Agronomix and Cultura will promote each other’s software solutions through their respective websites, newsletters and interactions with clients and business partners.

“The Cultura Seed Solutions team is very excited to enhance our relationship with Agronomix,” adds Mike Dorris, Cultura Seed Solutions sales and operations manager. “Both companies share the same values and focus, it’s all about fulfilling the customer’s needs in each aspect of their business.

“It makes total sense to work together and provide a more complete offering to all our customers. Both systems provide visibility, traceability and standardization for today’s seed businesses.”