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Forty Percent Market Share in Year Three: That’s the Kannar Difference

When business partners ask us to help them develop and commercialize a new product or innovation, our answer at Kannar Earth Science, Ltd. is usually YES! Here’s an example:

A few years ago, a top five crop protection manufacturer came to us with a great new fungicide chemistry package that addressed the key disease resistance issue of Aspergillus negatively impacting seed peanuts. The unique combination of pesticides was a big step forward for industry but needed specialty application. We’re proud to be industry’s go-to expert and problem-solver for seed applied technologies, so we got right to work to help build an improved version of this new seed treatment. 

The proof of success comes in sales. In 2022, which marked just two years since its introduction and four years since we’d started working on it, the new liquid seed treatment package captured more than 25% of all peanut acres produced in the United States. In 2023, we have already captured north of 40% and we forecast a stunning 65% during the 2024 season.

How are we doing it?

To facilitate a better experience for the grower and a more efficient experience for applicators, we worked out the path for changing the chemistry from dry to liquid applied, a huge change given that peanut treatments have always been powder-based. Kannar also adjusted and optimized equipment and its application rate as well as timing methods Meanwhile, we dug deeper into the chemistry’s make-up, building on the active ingredient package with other seed applied technologies like polymers and finishers, to create an easier-to-apply product that fully communicates the value of the new generation fungicide. Value-added biologicals and other yield enhancement technologies from Kannar are a planned next step following large scale on-farm trials.

To find solutions that specifically suited peanuts, our team connected with experts and together we immersed ourselves in everything to do with peanuts. We visited almost every seed treatment location multiple times, and dug deep to become subject matter experts in everything to do with that crop’s unique seed treatment needs. By the time we were ready to launch Ipconazole-based technologies, we were able to provide the industry with full-spectrum consultation of how the product could work across the entire value chain. And, due to Kannar’s demonstrated commitment to industry peace of mind and providing confidence in any new technology, these new products offerings were well received. 

We’re excited about what has been achieved, we are grateful for sheller-treaters who are progressive in bringing value to growers, and we’re so proud to be part of making this big innovation possible to growers!

Is that kind of success do-able again? Absolutely. We welcome business partners who come to us with a technology and a target crop. As we did in peanuts, we believe we can again prove ourselves a catalyst and proven conduit to market. We invite other innovators to partner with us in developing and commercializing highly effective and environmentally sound technologies.