Seed World

Passion Drives Profits

At Kannar, our overarching passion is to promote ideal and regenerative agriculture. Every person on our team believes that, individually and together, we can make meaningful differences to both agricultural efficiencies and the environmental health of our world. But we are not a charity and have to be profitable in order to secure our passion.

I’ve been asked how being both ideal-driven and for-profit can coexist. Actually, very easily, and we are inspired by many other companies who do the same thing. 

As we strive to bring growers stronger profit through our innovations, our passion is indeed realized when we simultaneously optimize the good environmental outcomes. We’re proud of big steps forward like our water use efficiency tools in Koasis™, our KAN™-7 synergistic fertilizer, and our highly efficacious and consistently performing bionematicides. 

We believe that passion drives profit. We don’t just believe it, we experience it almost daily. We believe that when passion comes first, opportunities for continued growth and stronger profit manifest more frequently.

Can profit and ideals coexist? Absolutely! At Kannar, we believe meaningful change depends on both! And, we’re excited to align with more and more groups and companies who agree. Companies from seed processing to packaging to biotech innovation are reaching out to us because they share our passion for wholesome innovations. Together we can achieve so much more!