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Seed Analysts, Canadian Seed Institute Explore Greater Synergy

New Memorandum of Understanding ‘a great first step in the Seed Synergy process’.

Two Canadian seed industry organizations are proving that the seed sector can come together like never before in order to benefit the greater good.

The Commercial Seed Analysts Association of Canada (CSAAC) has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Canadian Seed Institute (CSI) in regard to its executive director contract. Under the MOU, CSAAC executive director Krista Erickson will be hired under contract by CSI for the mutual benefit of both organizations.

Erickson will continue her role as executive director of CSAAC and will also use her skills as a seed analyst and seed laboratory manager to benefit CSI’s operations.

“Krista has so much technical expertise as a seed analyst and I have always loved working with her. Having her as part of the CSI team will be a tremendous asset,” said Roy van Wyk, CSI executive director. “Participating in the Seed Synergy Collaboration Project over the last four years, and working more closely than ever before, I have got to know Krista well and this new arrangement is a very natural progression.”

Roy van Wyk
Executive Director
Canadian Seed Institute

Seed Synergy is an initiative being spearheaded by Canada’s five seed industry associations, of which CSAAC and CSI are two. Seed Synergy proposes to create a more efficient and effective seed industry organizational model to deliver seed certification services under a “modernized seed regulatory framework” by creating and implementing a single, consolidated national seed organization.

According to CSI president Terry McIntee, the new MOU between CSAAC and CSI is an example of how the Seed Synergy vision is already coming to fruition.

“Our two groups have so much in common already, it makes sense for CSI to utilize Krista’s expertise in a range of areas,” said McIntee.

Erickson notes that CSAAC and CSI have collaborated for years, including a recent project that saw CSI host CSAAC records on a virtual server residing on CSI’s computer network. Because seed analysts are a crucial piece to helping CSI carry out its own mandate, members of each organization have attended their respective annual meetings and other functions for a number of years.

Krista Erickson
CSAAC Executive Director

“I’m really looking forward to being a formal part of CSI and working for the benefit of both CSI and CSAAC. My mom was a CSAAC member and highly involved in it, so CSAAC has been part of my life as long as I can remember,” said Erickson. “I’m really happy to start working with Roy and the CSI team and to use my knowledge to help strengthen CSI, seeing as it’s already such an important organization for the seed analyst community.”

CSAAC president Morgan Webb said members look forward to the benefits that will come from having both groups work so closely together.

“We view this as a great first step in the Seed Synergy process. This will help CSAAC play a greater role within the industry as a whole while ensuring that we continue to provide world-class services to our members,” said Webb.