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This Company is Regenerating Soil with Nature-Based Microalgal Solutions

Canada’s climate is changing. Higher temperatures, shifting rainfall patterns, extreme weather events and rising sea levels are just some of the changes already affecting many aspects of our lives.

Changes in climate will persist and, in many cases, will intensify over the coming decades. That will have significant impacts on Canadian communities through our economy, social well-being and environment.

We must understand these impacts and the options available to us if we want to build resilience through adaptation, reduce the associated risks and costs of climate change’s impacts, and support sound decision-making.

Germination put out the call for seed industry players who are making a difference in helping mitigate the effects of climate change. The qualifications? That the company have an active effect on mitigating the effects of climate change on Canada’s seed sector. Here’s the seventh of who we selected for 2022.

Over the past 150 years, agricultural advancements have improved efficiency and productivity, though in some cases, created unintended consequences including soil erosion and degradation. To feed a growing population and combat extreme climate stress, growers need solutions to minimize erosion, regain topsoil, rebuild soil quality, and increase crop yield.

As an algal tech company, Heliae Agriculture creates scalable regenerative solutions for growers worldwide to improve soil health, using the power of microalgae to improve soil health, increase water and nutrient uptake, and manage conditions arising from climate change, like drought and flooding.

PhycoTerra ST, the company’s seed treatment, was recently approved for use by Canadian farmers.

“As water and nutrient efficiencies become paramount, the need for innovations like these will only be compounded,” says Cassidy Million, director of ag science for Heliae Agriculture.

“Growers need to make better use of the microorganisms already living in their soil and that all starts with tending to soil health. Microalgae technology is going to be a very important part of the way that we farm and grow food for the future.”

Named as a Top 10 Most Innovative Product in 2021 by Seed World Group, PhycoTerra ST also received recognition for Innovation of the Year from the Ag Tech Breakthrough Awards program this year and Product of the Year by the Algae Biomass Organization.

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