b'SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS:THE WINTER 2023 SRM CONSULTATION IS UNDERWAYTHE LONG-AWAITEDCanadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) WinterWHO IS THE CFIA LOOKING FOR FEEDBACK FROM?Consultation regarding Seed Regulatory Modernization (SRM) is now underway. Businesses and other organizations in the farming and grain industries, as well The consultation is designed toas farmers, producers, seed growers, seed analysts, seed developers, seed update stakeholders on progress madeconditioners, the general public and others who have an interest in the following to-date towards modernizing the Seedsaspects of the seed regulatory lifecycle, specifically:Regulations. Variety registration;Its the first of two consultations planned for SRM related to seed crops Seed crop certification, including crop inspection and crop certificates;only; it does not include updates or ques-Harvesting, cleaning and conditioning of seed, andtions specific to seed potatoes or Part II of the Seeds Regulations.Sampling, testing and grading of seed.A separate consultation process for theThe next consultation will include these and other stages of the seed regulatory seed potato industry is planned and willlifecycle, including seed certification and labeling, sale of seed to farmers, as include several in-person meetings with awell as seed import and export, according to the CFIA.wide cross-section of seed potato stake-holders, according to the CFIA.An online survey is now available to solicit feedback on recommendations for change being put forth. InformationWHAT HAS THE CFIA HEARD SO FAR?and questions are grouped based on the stages of the seed regulatory lifecycle,The survey was designed with task team input provided by the Seed Regulatory from development through to sale. AnyoneModernization Working Group. Many of the recommendations heard so far could filling out the survey has the choice tohave a large impact on Canadas seed system, according to the CFIA. These complete all or only certain sections rel- recommendations, if implemented, could:evant to their situation, CFIA says on its Increase flexibility via Incorporation by Referencewebsite.Allow for innovation Simplify permission requirementsTo access the survey, go to germination.ca/SRMWinter2023 Remove barriers to combat climate changeand follow the link. The survey is open until May 1.8GERMINATION.CAMARCH 2023'