b'March 2023ContentsFEATURES04 PGDC Puts the RegulatoryLandscape Under the Microscope08 Share Your Thoughts: TheWinter 2023 SRM Consultation is Underway10Meet the Next Generation THERE ARE MANY CHECKS AND 14Why Analysts are at the Core of Canadas SeedBALANCES IN PLACE TO ENSURE THAT Sector THE DATA IS RELIABLE AND USEFUL 20 Why Canadas PBRSystem is a Model forFOR GROWERS MAKING DECISIONS the World ABOUT WHICH VARIETIES TO SELECT 22 PBR AdvisoryFOR THEIR FARMS. Committee Hits the Ground Running Sheri Strydhorst / 48 34The Future of the Purple GM Tomato Lies with Consumers44 Sustainability Effortsare Moving Forward in Fuel51 How Images Shape ConsumerPerceptions of AgPERSPECTIVES18CSGA32Cover Crop Corner42Seeds Canada56Giant ViewsDEPARTMENTS48Retail Roundtable52Cross Pollination54The HeadlinesON THE COVER: Pitura Seeds President Tom Greaves is just one of a new generation of SPECIAL SECTIONS influencers moving into prominent leadership roles in the seed industry. 262023 New Varieties We present our Top 10 Next-Gen Leaders for 2023 beginning on page 10. 37INSIDERS Cover photo by Ian McCausland Photography/Ian.caMARCH 2023GERMINATION.CA 1'