b'KEY TO NEW VARIETIES LISTDISEASE RESISTANCEOTHERTRAITSWHEAT CR1Clubroot resistance gene CHUCrop Heat Units FHBFusarium Head Blight resistance CWAD Canada Western Amber DurumMSModerately Susceptible HUHeat Units GMOGenetically Modified Organism CWRS Canada Western Red SpringMRModerate Resistance PRRPhytophthora Root Rot LLLiberty LinkRResistantRIBRefuge in a Bag RRRoundup ReadyI Intermediate ResistanceRM Relative Maturity RR2 Roundup Ready 2SCNSoybean Cyst NematodeRR2XtendRoundup Ready 2 XtendTKWThousand Kernel Weight VT2P VT Double PROSSTXSmartStaxBARLEYVarietyDisease/Pest Company Contact Name/Type Maturity Yield Resistance HighlightsFP Genetics AB Hague +2 days CDC114% of CDCMR to FHB High grain and forage yield with a strong dis-877-791-1045 Feed and ForageCopeland Copeland MR to Stem Rust ease package. Showed high average daily gain fpgenetics.ca Barley R to Other Smuts with lowest cost of gain against all checks and 2-Row MR to Loose Smut has performed well in past drought conditions.Torbellino +1.3 days CDC105% of CDCI to scald High yield potential with short strong straw Feed Barley Copeland Copeland I to Other Smuts and superior standability, well suited to high 2-Row fertility programs with excellent harvestability. Plumper and heavier kernels than malt checks. SeCan CDC Renegade 1/2 day later thanGrain yield 116%MR to FHB Exceptional combination of grain and forage 800-665-7333 Feed/Forage CDC Cowboy of CDC Cowboy MR to Stem Rustyield in a smooth-awn 2-Row. Good fit in dry secan.com 2-Row, smoothSimilar to CDCGrain yieldI to spot form of netconditions or tougher ground. Lodging may be awn Austenson 97% of CDCblotch a concern under lush conditions.AustensonForage yield 104% of CDC CowboyKWS Kellie 1-2 days later thanGrain yieldNo official ratings forShort stong straw with exceptional yield Feed CDC Austenson 110% of CDCdisease potential. Check out the performance in the 2-Row Austenson provincial seed guides.SeedNet AB Prime Medium7% higher thanR to Stem RustHigh yield potential 403-715-9771 Feed AustensonI to FHB seednet.ca 2-RowCANOLAVarietyDisease/Pest Company Contact Name/Type Maturity Yield Resistance HighlightsBASF Ag SolutionsInVigor L350PC Mid to Long115.6% of theR to Blackleg Our highest yielding hybrid in our trials to date, Canada Hybrid napus Growing Zones checks (InVigorR to Fusarium Wilt this hybrid combines standability, first genera-877-371-2273 LL L255PC and1st Generationtion clubroot resistance and our patented Pod agsolutions.ca Pioneer 45H33)Clubroot Resistance Shatter reduction technology.in 2020 & 2021Pod Shatter ReductionBASF internal trials.InVigor HealthMid to Long106.9% of theR to Blackleg A new 300 series hybrid that offers an L359HPC Growing Zones checks (InVigorR to Fusarium Wilt enhanced oil profile to meet the health Hybrid napus L255PC and1st Generationand functionality requirements of todays LL Pioneer 45H33)Clubroot Resistance consumer.in 2021 BASFPod Shatter Reductioninternal trials.InVigor ChoiceMid to Long114.3% of theR to Blackleg InVigor LR354PC offers growers high yield LR354PC Growing Zones checks (InVigorR to Fusarium Wilt potential and great standability; with the Hybrid napus L255PC and1st Generationadded flexibility of harnessing both the LL/RR Pioneer 45H33)Clubroot Resistance LibertyLink technology system and TruFlex in 2020 & 2021canola with Roundup Ready Technology. BASF internalPod Shatter Reduction trials.MARCH 2023 GERMINATION.CA 27'