b'PARTNER CONTENTAvoid Seed Importation Problems with the Help of a Seed LabI f youre in the business of importing seed, thetation. This information is then used to issue a seed challenges of doing so can be many. Meetinganalysis certificate.minimum import standards and conforming toSeed Check Technologies has SICA-accredited regulations is a must. analysts on staff, but we also provide training to The Seed Import Conformity Assessor (SICA) des- others who wish to become SICA-certified. The test ignation is given to specialized seed graders who areassesses the candidates knowledge of the principles accredited to assess whether seed being brought intoand practices of testing and grading of pedigreed the country meets minimum import standards and is inseed and import conformity assessment.line with federal regulations. Anyone wishing to become SICA accredited is Did you know: evaluated on their ability to:Seeds that are pre-treated with pesticides areReview Canadian and foreign Reports of Analysis considered pest control products under the Pestto assess conformity with minimum import Morgan Webb, President,Control Products Act and are illegal to importstandardsSeed Check Technologies unless the active ingredient and seed treatment Answer questions on their knowledge of product are registered in Canada for the purposethe Seeds Regulations, Grade Tables, the of treating seed. Weed Seeds Order and CFIAs ABCs of SeedI n order to import seed, you must provide aImportation into Canada as they apply to assess-signed statement/declaration including a numbering conformity of seed with minimum import of details about the seed including the species,standards and compliance with regulationslot designation and more Theres no need for seed importation to be difficult You must also provide an acceptable certificateand complicatedwith the help of a seed lab you can of analysis stating the seed is from prohibitedbenefit from the services of a SICA-accredited analyst noxious weed seeds and meets minimum purityand even get someone on your staff accredited. standards and acceptable germination percent- Maybe even yourself!ages.These are just a few areas that SICA-accredited analysts have a lot of knowledge in. A good seed lab will have a SICA-accredited analyst on staff. CFIA-accredited analysts understand things like: What foreign seed certificates mean and what WANT TO TAKE THE SICA they need to include EXAM? What exemptions exist regarding different allow- ances for lot size depending on what the seed isIts recommended that you be familiar with the being used for Seeds Act, Seeds Regulations, the Grade Tables,Whether noxious weeds might be present that the WSO, ABCs of Seed Importation into Canada, are prohibited in Canadian seed imports and CSI-TECH 2.4 for Authorized ImportersWhat varieties can be imported into CanadaHandling and Release of Seed Import into These are just a few things to be aware of, butCanada.not getting the advice of a SICA-accredited ana-lyst can spell trouble for anyone importing seedExample of a question: For each lot imported who might not be as well-versed in the countrysinto Canada, what information is an Authorized Seeds Regulations as they should be Importer required to provide to the CFIA?SICA-accredited analysts can provide the best information on purity and germination to verify thatContact me for info! Email morgan@seedcheck.netthe seed lot meets the minimum standards for impor-MARCH 2023 GERMINATION.CA 33'