b'Bacterial Leaf Streak:SHAWN BROOK What Growers Need to KnowPRESIDENT,SEED WORLD GROUPsbrook@seedworldgroup.com GROWERS HAVE EXPRESSED concerns about bacterial blight to us for @SeedWorldGroup a couple of years now, asking for a test.seedworldgroup.com 20/20 Seed Labs Inc. offers BLS testing on seeds. X. translucens pv. translucens, the pathogen responsible for BLS on cereal crops, is globally widespread and it is present in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, and most American states. The challenge is to figure out how detected levels relate to the risk of disease devel-Why the Soft Skills ofoping.We have been calling growers to talk about their individual Storytelling Can Pay Off Big fields and the results generated on the testing harvested seed, with some sending in additional samples of seed.FOR MANY OF US that started our career in sales Environmental conditions, especially water, play an important specifically in product saleswe were likelyrole in bacterial disease development. We have a better sense of indoctrinated into the school of the features andwhat background levels of pathogenic X. translucens pathovars benefits selling. If I asked you right now to telloccur on dryland and non-symptomatic fields, and what amounts me about a new product, your default might beare seen on seed from fields with known BLS issues. to say something like: Product A is new andWe have been in discussions with Alberta Agriculture about does X, Y, and Z 10 times better than the otherour methodology and the trends we are seeing.products on the market. That means youll getFollowing on all our discussions, 20/20 Seed Labs Inc. will be three times more protection in the field. changing our report structure for BLS with the aim of providing Now dont get me wrongthere is a timegrowers with documented records of the levels of pathogenic X. and place for features and benefits selling. Buttranslucens found. for customers just getting to know your company, High Level Detection: levels equivalent to those seen in seed your brand, and your products, you might notcoming from fields with BLS symptoms;yet have earned the confidence of your prospec-Moderate Level Detection: detected at levels above back-tive leads. This is where shifting tactics andground levels seen in dry fields but not yet comparable to levels approaching with a good product/brand storyseen from fields with noticeable BLS symptoms. This is an can make the difference. unknown risk level;Why, you ask? Its because we engage with a Low Level Detection: detected at low amounts but sufficient story differently. When boiled down, marketingto be detected by a known alternate qualitative method. This is is all about telling a story. Stories create a cus- considered a low-risk background level.tomer-centric connection between your brand, Trace Detection: detected but not consistently across different prospects and customers.test methods. This is considered a low risk level.Business storytelling can humanize your Negative Detection: No detection of pathogenic pathovars.company, get your message across, and promoteIt is important for growers to know that seed may be used your product without being imposing. A well-toldeven if it tests positive, although they story should engage and attract your audience,recommend using seed lots with motivating your target audience to learn moreas low a positive rating as can be about your company.obtained especially if wet condi-So how does storytelling translate to bettertions are expected. If the crop is sales?grown under irrigation, they further While we might use logic while researching asuggest that the canopy be allowed product or service, the final decision we make isto dry between irrigation events if often guided by our emotions. When you sharepossible.a story with someone, you communicate experi-ences in a way that can give your brand mean-ing and allows your readers to relate with you regarding events in their own lives. ALEX PLAYDONOn a daily basis, were bombarded by infor- RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT mation. A great story helps you cut through thePROJECT LEAD, 20/20 SEED LABSnoise and grab the attention of your customers,Alex@2020seedlabs.cawho will remember how your story made them2020seedlabs.cafeel and that bond is where the magic happens.@2020SeedlabsMARCH 2023 GERMINATION.CA 39'