b'Monica GarciaQuality Testing Lab Manager, Corteva Agriscience | Chatham, Ont.36 years oldWith 15 years of experience in seed testing, Monica Garcia is becoming known as someone whos developed a deep under-standing of the industry and the different challenges and opportu-nities it presents.Garcia is heavily involved in Seeds Canada as a seed ana- Brianna ChouinardLogan Skori lyst member, something she CEO, AgGene | Calgary, Alta. | 32 years old believes in doing in an effort toCertification Manager, Canadian Seed Growers strengthen the industry. ShesAssociation (CSGA) | Ottawa. Ont.Logan Skori wants to keep the costperfectly suited to the task 39 years oldof protein low while also increasingshes known as someone whoWhile Brianna Chouinard has a lot the amount of it in plants. He knowsunderstands how attractingon her plate, she is a leader who more people are trying to add proteinand retaining qualified analyststakes the time to contribute to the into their diets and keeping the costcan be a challenge for the seedsuccess of others. low is important from a consumerindustry, especially given theGrowers mention how much they standpoint. lengthy preparation and accredi- appreciate the time she takes to The opportunities to increasetation process that is required.explain the sometimes-complicated protein content dont stop at peas andIts important to developcertification process and how to suc-soybeans, thoughSkori sees pos- strategies for attracting new talentceed in their production.sibilities for high protein leafy greensto the industry and retaining it,My team and I are continually and livestock feed. she says. working to modernize and digi-Theres so many opportunitiesOne potential approach couldtize CSGAs operations to improve and different applications for genebe to offer training programsefficiency and reduce uncertainty for editing. Were being really open- for those interested in becominggrowers, she says.minded at this point, he explains. seed analysts.CSGA has rolled out digital crop Skori leads the Calgary-basedNot to mention the fact thatcertificates and is exploring other AgGene as its chief executive officer.more labs face the challenge ofdigitalization service options. CSGAs AgGene has identified an importantlosing experienced analysts aspilot project on digital seed tags will cluster of genes which regulate thethey advance in their career orallow growers to digitize their opera-accumulation of storage proteins. retire.tions further. Digital seed tags also Skori recognizes the importanceIts important to have conver- create an opportunity to completely of understanding the regulatory land- sations about succession plan- close the gap in the certification cycle scape for gene editing and the needning and attracting and trainingby drawing information from the to be involved in the discussions.the right talent to fill the gaps,tag directly onto CSGAs application AgGene became a member ofshe adds. forms. Seeds Canada recently, and SkoriChouinard works to develop along with AgGene staff visited withbridges and tools to improve CSGAs Seeds Canada staff during the organi- transparency and to connect growers, zations recent cross-Canada tour. inspectors, and companies with the I agree that having a uniforminformation they need when needed. pathway for gene editing regulationsOur digitalization and moderniza-across different jurisdictions andtion efforts support CSGAs continued countries would be ideal, he says. effort to modernize as set out in our Skori believes its crucial for com- CSGA 2.0 business plan. Im very panies to provide feedback on theproud to be part of a team that is regulatory process to help shape awilling to change, to do things dif-more efficient and effective pathwayferently, she says. We are actively forwardsomething hes leading bycontributing to developing the next-example on. generation seed system.MARCH 2023 GERMINATION.CA 11'