b'CSGA / SEEDGROWERS.CA / DIGITAL SEED TAGS TO PROVIDE NEW VALUE FOR PRODUCERS CSGA CONTINUES TO MODERNIZE ITS OFFERINGS TO MEET THE SEED SECTORS NEEDSTHE BLUE CERTIFIED seed tag has tremendous brand rec-ognition in Canada and abroad. At CSGA, we are future-proofing the blue tagmoving away from a patchworkDIGITAL SEED TAGS PROVIDE of handwritten and printed tags to a new dynamic platform that will unlock new value and opportunities forINCREASED TRANSPARENCY, years to come. Our pilot project of digitally-enabled tags for Breeder and Select class seed, the two pedigreed seedINFORMATION FLOW WITHIN classes within CSGAs authority, is one way to do exactlyTHE SEED SECTOR, BENEFITS TO that. Digital seed tags make sense. They provide increasedPLANT BREEDING INNOVATION transparency, information flow within the seed sector, benefits to plant breeding innovation and strengthenedAND STRENGTHENED SEED Doug Miller,seed sector value. Digital tags offer the option to print CSGA ExecutiveBreeder and Select seed tags from CSGAs SeedCert plat- SECTOR VALUE.Directorform on tags we provide. The project is funded by theAgriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) AgriAssurance Program, allowing us take one more step toward ourof Canada, were engaging members vision of a modern and efficient seed certification system. and sector partners on everything You see QR codes everywhere today, including ourfrom seed certification to what tech-digital seed certificates. They are a quick and safe way tonology and skills our sector needs for share added information digitally. In fact, the OECD Seeda next-generation seed system. Schemes are looking at how QR codes could be used toGetting back together for the increase the integrity of their certification program andfirst time in three years and in such provide new value opportunities. a unique location, were making By incorporating a QR code on our new seed tags,it extra special with fun network-customers can scan it to validate the legitimacy of theing eventsgolf, whale watching seed and get additional data, which could include germi- and SeCans pub crawl, Rally in the nation reports, certificates of analysis and Plant BreedersAlley, Sunday evening. AGM busi-Rights status.ness includes an engaging keynote Seed companies can use the platform to provide morespeaker, panel discussions, and ses-variety information like agronomic data from trials andsions covering key issues like Seed descriptions. The opportunities are endless and custom- Regulatory Modernization (SRM). izable to each producer or seed companys needs and comfort level. At our upcoming July Annual General Meeting, you can interact with and test out our new digital seed tags. Yes, thats rightin person. Im excited to say our 2023 AGM is taking place inCheck out seedgrowers.ca/2023-agm/ for more AGM person in St. Johns, Nfld. With the theme of On the Edgedetails and see you there!18GERMINATION.CAMARCH 2023'