b'SUSTAINABILITY EFFORTS ARE MOVING FORWARD IN FUELHOW DO THEY AFFECT THE SEED SECTOR?At the American Seed Trade Association CSS & Seed Expo, experts highlight regulatory changes and business changes that are moving towards a more sustainable future. Alex MartinWHEN YOU THINKabout climate-smart policies, your minding hard to reduce carbon emissions by 2050, including might automatically jump to the European UnionsNew York, Virginia, Colorado, North Carolina and more Farm-to-Fork section of their Green Deal. There are keystates. One path they see forward in working towards elements there for agriculturereduce pesticide use onthose goals? Through renewable fuel and low carbon fuel crops, fruits and vegetables by 50%, cut nutrient losses onstandards.farmed ground by 50%, requiring farmers use 20% lessThe drive? A more sustainable future, not only in agri-fertilizer and boost overall organic production to 25% ofculture, but throughout the entire economy and supply the total. chain.But, the EU isnt the only sector in the globe lookingWhats the sector look like in terms of business changes? to a more sustainable future through regulation and busi- How is it going to affect the seed sector? Thats one ques-ness changes. tion the American Seed Trade Associations (ASTA) CSS & The United States, though not looking at country-wideSeed Expo wanted to ask.adoption of climate-smart policies, has a few states look-44GERMINATION.CAMARCH 2023'