b'Versatile StorageAvailable InventoryNEW LOWER PRICESThe wait has paid offwith Meridian SmoothWall Multi-Purpose Bins. Meridian SmoothWall Multi-Purpose Bins have allowed farmers to take advantage of seasonal savings, avoid spring lineups & road bans, and offered versatile fertilizer, seed & grain storage for decades. Were excited to announce price reductions with available inventory!Meridian Multi-Purpose Bins feature the industrys best coatings. Meridians premium powder coating has a far superior salt-spray rating than liquid paint and is specifically designed for storing corrosive materials such as fertilizer. Meridian bins retain their value more than any other bin and are easily relocated, adding long lasting equity to your farm. To learn more, contact your local Meridian dealer today. 2022 Meridian Manufacturing Inc.Registered Trademarks Used Under License.(11/2022)'