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Barenbrug Appoints New International Product Manager, Forage

Christiaan Heijink has joined Barenbrug as an international product manager, Forage. In his new job, Heijink will focus on the development and introduction of products on the international forage grass market.

Heijink, 33, has spent the past years working as an international sales manager for Alta Genetics and Swissgenetics. He was responsible for the sale of cattle genetics to different parts of Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. For his work at Swissgenetics, Heijink spent six years living and working in Switzerland.

Heijink grew up on a dairy farm and studied animal science at Wageningen University. He acquired his “passion for cows” at an early age. “As a farmer’s son I soon came to realise the importance of good grass and forage at a farm,” says Heijink. “I came into contact with grass early on.”

In his previous jobs, Heijink focused on the influence of genetics on cows’ production of milk and meat. He is looking forward to concentrating more on the nutrient aspect in his new job. “Grass is an interesting product that is often underestimated. The way in which a cow converts grass into a valuable end product is unique. Grass and forage play a pivotal part in efficient production.“

In his new job at Barenbrug, Heijink will be responsible for developing and introducing new products for the international forage-grass market.

“In the EU ever-more attention is being paid to the importance of ensuring closed nutrient cycles. Grassland plays an important part in this respect, and for livestock farmers there’s a lot to be gained in this field. My ambition is to help livestock farmers to get the most out of their grassland.”