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When Farmers Say: “This is What I need!”

Every farmer has a tremendous love and passion for everything agriculture. But beyond that love, there is also a smart businessman, who looks very carefully that all the money he invests in his business, will return as profit. And let’s be honest, at the end of the day, this is the engine that moves every operation in today’s economy. Translating that to the farmer, it means that he needs to control all the processes on his farm, he needs to optimize these processes and search for the best efficiency, and make sure that ultimately this translates into stability.

In the real agronomical world, all the farmers are looking for stability, in processes, in tools, in genetics and in products. Luckily for farmers, there is now one product that brings exactly that stability and safety to the farm: Lumigen. And the great thing is that it brings stability in difficult agronomic conditions. This ensures that the farmer’s investment in Pioneer genetics will be protected right from the start, so that it can reach its highest potential.

This product was launched in Romania two years ago and already is a well-known brand among all farmers, equal to the drought tolerant AQUAmax corn hybrids. And why is that? It stems from the simple fact that the product is another example of Corteva’s guarantee that each seed that the farmer is planting, will be nurtured and protected against environmental threats. This allows every plant to reach its genetic potential to the fullest.

Farmers have quickly understood that in high stress environments, such as a cold, wet soil, or where the ground is covered with debris, seeds treated with Lumigen provide an obvious advantage. This is the result of the strong protection given by a premium fungicide seed treatment and also because of the bio-stimulant Lumibio-Kelta that accelerates the development and growth of the roots. And this in turn helps the plant to easily overpass this stressful period.

We have already many examples from farmers where the treatment with the product made a huge difference for plant growth and development in the early stages. It was very easy to see from a visual standpoint, and also translated to a higher yield potential.

You want to know when you are successful with your product? You know it when farmers come to you and ask for it. Data, pictures, measurements are overpassed by the enthusiasm of those farmers who said, “This is what I need!”.

As Corteva we decided to republish this column, in honour of our good friend and colleague Valentin Mihai who recently passed away at the age of 41. He was a professional agronomist, starting from research, and joining the Pioneer team in 2012. Valentin has always been one of the leading figures of the Pioneer brand, and one of the key elements for Corteva’s success in Romania. We will definitely miss his great personality, good sense of humour, partnership and professionalism.

May he rest in peace.