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Klaus Nielsen Says Sustainability is Top-of-Mind for DLF

When it comes to sustainability, it’s flying to the top of priority charts across the globe in policy and business. It’s no surprise that it’s no different for DLF as well.

“Most seed companies have a strong focus on sustainability in what they do today,” Klaus Nielsen, director of corporate external affairs at DLF, says. “The good thing is that many contribute to this standard in the seed sector.”

Nielsen notes that DLF has been looking and talking more about environmental sustainability and climate impact as a start to their sustainability journey. But talking about it isn’t the only thing: DLF is also educating customers about the sustainability benefits of grasses.

“Grasses have a long growing season, meaning they have a long period where they can capture energy from the sun and build carbon,” he says. “They have big root systems, so they can sequester a lot of carbon in the soil. The need for input fertilizers and chemicals compared to maize is really much lower.”

Because of these natural benefits, sustainability is a key component of DLF’s breeding program — a lot of the traits customers might seek in grasses have natural sustainability benefits.

Klaus Nielsen was interviewed by Marcel Bruins at the International Seed Federation’s World Seed Congress May 16-18.