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Chantland Palletizer Systems Provide Long-Term Reliability

Chantland MHS’ Conventional Palletizer Systems provide long-term reliability and efficiency for the automation of your bag stacking process.
Originally designed to operate within the severe environments of packaged concrete, our palletizers have also proven their value to seed companies throughout North & South America, Europe and Asia.
Our system receives filled bags from your filling/closing line, lays them down and orients them into the flattening conveyor where the bag is compressed to a uniform thickness for proper layer forming, then is conveyed into the layer forming area where a multitude of patterns can be created to further aid the stability of the filled pallets, then each layer is placed upon the pallet until the desired number of layers is achieved at which point the filled pallet exits the palletizer and is presented to either a stretch-wrapper or to fork truck pick-up station to be moved to warehouse.
There are several more standard and optional operations in the process; in-motion weighing to ensure each bag is within a target weight range; in-motion metal detector; bag reject station which will remove bags from the system which are out of tolerance; pacing & accumulation to time bags into the layer forming area for smooth operation; bag turning station to orient bags so all are ‘tags-out’ for easy viewing when on the pallet; empty pallet dispenser; pallet squaring; and bottom/top slip sheet dispensers.
Chantland palletizers provide complete four-sided squaring of each layer and also additional compression of each layer as the pallet is stacked to create a uniform and cubed pallet of seed unrivaled by any other means of stacking, and which can be safely stacked several pallets high to maximize warehouse space
And as part of our firm quoted price, every system Chantland MHS designs and builds is fully assembled and tested in our factory prior to shipment. This is not an option…it is what we do. As our customer, you are invited to witness this system test first-hand where Chantland project managers and service technicians will personally introduce you to the system components and controls.
When this test is complete you will know with unequalled confidence that your system will perform as desired when delivered.
Fast installation and start-up with no surprises or hidden costs is what customers worldwide have come to expect from Chantland…and that’s what you can expect as well!