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Golden Harvest Connects with John Deere Operations Center for Farmer-Focused Data Integration

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Farmers who grow Golden Harvest corn or soybeans will soon have more data integration available to enhance their on-farm decision-making. This fall, Golden Harvest is connecting with the John Deere Operations Center through John Deere’s API services so that farmers will be able to receive better recommendations via E-Luminate, the Golden Harvest digital ag platform.

This is the first data integration for E-Luminate, which is available on desktop and as a mobile app. E-Luminate already helps farmers fine-tune hybrid and variety placement, as well as support management decisions throughout the season, via high-resolution imagery. Now, integration with the John Deere Operations Center will provide an automatic and seamless assimilation with yield data to improve seed decisions.

“To unlock data’s full potential, it needs to be available in the tools that farmers actually use,” says Justin Welch, Syngenta digital product manager. “Bringing together John Deere, one of the largest trusted data advisors, with E-Luminate means Golden Harvest farmers will be more empowered than ever to make informed, impactful decisions.”

This winter, farmers will be able to share harvest data with their Golden Harvest Seed Advisors automatically via E-Luminate to inform seed decisions for next season. This connection will help farmers to capture the full value of their Golden Harvest seed investment.

E-Luminate is provided free of charge to Golden Harvest farmers as a value-added service available through Golden Harvest Seed Advisors.

“We’re investing in digital tools because actionable data helps farmers get the full benefit from their seed purchase,” says Welch. “We believe E-Luminate and services like it should be included in the cost of doing business. When you buy seed from a Golden Harvest Seed Advisor, you’re not only going to get top-performing corn and soybeans, but also the recommendations and trusted service you need to maximize your profit potential.”