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GreenGro Technologies Unveils Proprietary Newly Developed Breed of Hemp

GreenGro Technologies, Inc. announced that the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, CBD Ventures has successfully developed a proprietary new breed of Hemp, branded as “Red Blossom, Red Bubblegum and Berry Bubblegum; a finely structured amalgamation of the “Red Cross” and Cherry Blossom and Bubblegum” strands.

“This is a substantial achievement for us. We believe that this is only the beginning. Our vision and GenoBreeding focus is in the creation and distribution of highly refined varieties into the bolstering Cannabis marketplace,” states GreenGro Technologies Chief Executive Officer, Matthew Burden.

The Company’s signature GenoBreeding operation, an advanced GreenGro initiative, is structured to bring to market a focused evolution of refined cannabis varieties through the incorporation of modern plant breeding technologies.

Following a substantial hiatus, the Company has established $750k for the engagement of a new engineering contractor to resume construction on the existing Cathedral City dispensary project.

Upon the establishment of additional licensing for delivery and distribution, as final engineering plans materialize, management plans to mobilize by retaining a reputable contractor to conclude the buildout and launch operations.

The Company’s provisional licensing has been granted for Micro Business, Dispensary, Delivery, Cultivation, Distribution, and Manufacturing.

The Cathedral City territory, strategically located approximately 2 hours from GreenGro’s flagship location in North Hollywood, will be branded and designed to reflect the operational structure of its North Hollywood counterpart, in anticipation of continued regional expansion.