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Applications Now Accepted for Colorado Hemp Seed Certification

The Colorado Hemp Seed Certification Program, a collaborative program between the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA), CSU Seed Programs, the Colorado Seed Growers Association (CSGA), is accepting applications for new certified seed varieties through April 3, 2020.

Hemp seed certification in Colorado is a multistep process in which CSGA and CDA each have specific roles: CSGA will determine if a particular hemp variety meets the Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies’ national genetic uniformity/stability standards, and as Colorado’s industrial hemp regulatory agency, CDA is responsible for verification of THC levels meeting USDA standards for industrial hemp. 

Applicants must complete both the Hemp Variety Certification Eligibility and Industrial Hemp Variety THC Verification application and pay the appropriate fees ($500 to CSGA and $1500 to CDA). 400- 500 grams of seed needs to be submitted for THC trialing for CDA. For the first time, CSU/CSGA is willing to work with seed breeders interested in certifying feminized seed; for more information, please contact Rick Novak, Director of Seed Programs at CSU, at 970-491-4366.   

An Industrial Hemp Variety Review Board approves hemp seed varieties that are requested to be entered into Seed Certification. This committee is comprised of representatives from CSU, CSGA, CDA and industrial hemp growers representing the industry. In addition, all varieties approved by the board are planted in four locations around the state for THC verification testing. For more information, please contact Laura Pottorff, CDA Plant Health & Certification Section Chief, at 303-869-9070.