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Evogene Launches Its New Branding

Evogene Ltd. announces its rebranding. The new corporate identity reflects the company’s expanded vision and new business model.

“Evogene has undergone a significant transformation in its offering over the past years, and we are actively working to portray our expanded vision and strategy to the business and investment community. I believe that this new branding represents our new offering and will serve us extremely well in communicating this to the broader market,” states Ofer Haviv, President & CEO of Evogene.

Established as a spin-off from Compugen Ltd. in 2002, Evogene was initially focused on applying its capabilities in computational biology in agriculture, and more specifically on improving seed traits based on genomic modification. Changes in the agriculture market and in consumer tastes and demand necessitated that Evogene broaden its vision and focus on several new target markets and segments. The significant capital raised in its 2013 IPO allowed the Company to execute this strategy, enhancing its technology and expanding to new market segments. 

In the years that followed, the Company’s management took a series of steps that paved the path for its evolution. Two key decisions underlay this development; the first was expanding Evogene’s technological capabilities in computational biology to include development of products based on microbes and small molecules, in addition to genomics, and the second was to expand Evogene’s focus beyond agriculture, to human health. These decisions led to the creation of Evogene’s amassed computational biology capabilities, the CPB (Computational Predictive Biology) platform, which aims to substantially increase the probability of success, while reducing time and cost, of life-science product development. In parallel, the Company established diverse internal divisions, each leading the development of specific market-driven products while using the CPB platform as their competitive advantage.

In 2018, Evogene announced the revision of its corporate structure to accommodate its new broadened activities. The Company began the execution of this plan by establishing new dedicated subsidiaries, based on the activities of its existing divisions, focusing on downstream product development. Four new subsidiaries were established in the areas of human health and agriculture, including (in order of establishment): Biomica, AgPlenus, Lavie Bio and Canonic, joining Evogene’s previous subsidiary, Casterra. In parallel, Evogene continued to focus on improvements to its CPB platform, serving as a technological hub to be used by the whole group through licensing agreements.

Mr. Haviv continues, “Today, Evogene provides tailor-made computational-biology solutions for the discovery and development of products based on microbes, small molecules and genetic elements for life-science based industries, including: human health, agriculture and industrial applications.

“I believe that we are better-positioned than ever before to capture the value of our unique technology in two distinct ways, through our existing collaborations and through our independent subsidiaries. We have several upcoming key milestones across our subsidiaries, which we believe will generate substantial value. Details on these milestones are available in our newly branded presentation, filed today. 

“We are now ready to continue to harness the power of our CPB platform through additional collaborations with strategic partners and to benefit as a shareholder from our subsidiaries as their value is unlocked and becomes apparent,” Haviv concludes.